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Ways to prevent droppers

we all know what a dropper is and we all hate droppers.droppers intentionally lose in higher arena so they could torment low lvl players in lower arenas and no matter what it is droppers the absolute worst type of players in game
So i have an idea for how to prevent droppers

1 add lvl restrictions to arenas
This one is obvious each arena will have a lvl restriction and any dino that is higher than the lvl restriction will have it’s stat set to fit with the
Restriction and higher rarity dinos will not be put into the fight

2 add barriers to arenas
When you go up 1 arena you can’t go back to arenas 1 arena lower than your current arena

3 add both


Honestly, first thing they need to do is making staying in the higher arenas worthwhile. Right now, Aviary, Library, Gyro, and Shores all give the exact same incubator rewards. Why would someone struggle in Shores, losing most of their matches, when they can drop to Aviary, smash through everyone, and get the exact same incs in a fraction of the time? Toss some better rewards in the higher-level incs (some exclusives would be nice) and you’ll see fewer droppers.

Shores matchmaking also needs to be fixed. At this time, anyone in Shores can be matched to anyone else in Shores – you can match to someone in the top 10 when you’ve just barely entered that arena. The number of people in Shores is dwindling every month, and not only because people are deliberately dropping – they’re getting pushed out, and then they’re unintentionally pushing everyone below them down.


The solution is to give people more reason to stay in their lane. Better overall rewards is a good start.


Droppers are not really a problem. Sometimes you get free wins, sometimes you get destroyed.
But in overall they do not really stop you from climbing.

And some players actually started to drop purely to get a bit of variety. Gyro and up nearly every team looks exactly the same. Maxima, Tryko, Magna…
Dropping at least helps to get reminded that there are more than 200 creatures in this game.

Also we need to keep in mind that Ludia actively encourages players to drop. Not only do end-game arenas (Gyro, Shores) not give any additional value, now we even have some achievements which nearly force players to drop :slight_smile:


1 and 2 would never works
Why ?
Some people are really far in this game and are tired to see the usual 20/30 dinos everyone play,so will test “non-meta” teams and of course,you will drop even if you don’t want to.
If you put the barriers ,i let you imagine what would happen to those people which reach the 6k and will get obliterate time after time by the top10.
You will see complains topic and probably legal proceding against ludia since they won’t win one match and they won’t be able to get under 6k trophy.

You have Only one possiblity left:
Bigger rewards upper arena and more upper arena.
The biggest incubators are earn to aviary,just increase it for every step further and create more exclusive DNA upper arenas ,more coins for each battle (Aviary 360 /library 450/Gyro 550/Nublar 660/new arenas 780 ect…)
And of course,give better daily incubator with more boosts inside.


The reason people drop is to get specific DNA or achievements. And in the end you will have 50% wins 50% losses anyway droppers will not change that.

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dropping is never going away. however, you can mitigate a lot of it by making it worth the player’s time to stay up higher. locking people to arenas is never a good idea, if someone artificially climbs due to RNG, they’re stuck loosing for a long time if they can’t fall back into where their win rate is 50%. same could be said for locking creatures out of arenas. all of a sudden your best creatures aren’t available anymore and you can’t climb because you don’t have a B team on the back end.

As much as i dislike droppers, this coming update i’m actually going to gladly drop a bit to play around with the new entelolania and a few other uniques that i recently made. (i’ll be taking my boosted stuff off my team for a bit but i’ll be putting it back up to climb back into aviary/ library if i drop super far.)


What do you mean by "it’s a bad idea

Or make it so that no matter how much you lose, you don’t drop into any arena more than 1 lower that your highest score?

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That’s another thing I was considering once I get Eddie up with some boosts. I would like to just hang around in library, although I feel like my team is a bit much for there.

People should be able to drop arenas if they lose, since the system is meant to put you where your team strength is. What I would do is 1.) incentivize staying in higher arenas 2.) introduce level caps to many (but not all) arenas [aviary and below imo] ending at a 25-27 level cap or so. The caps would only serve to ensure that players who unlock things like uniques/apex’s can’t use them to stomp on the pure grounds of level, and prevents droppers from winning the same way (by pure unfair level advantage). If you want to drop and use a different team, that should be allowed and reasonable, but if you want to stomp people it shouldn’t be possible below a certain point. However library gyro and shores represent the end of the game, and I don’t see any purpose for guard rails at that point.

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Id like it if the arenas gave more dino dna. Like if you reach library yoy start getting turtle in addition to the other dna