We always unlock uniques in tournaments - join us!

Laid back alliance with some openings to fill.
We always unlock the unique each tournament (Tier 8 rewards).
Also get Tier 8 for the weekly alliance rewards.
Friendly group that share and participate, but don’t hound you about quotas.

Not many requirements, and they are very simple:
-Get 10 takedowns each tournament (biggest requirement; strict)
-Complete your daily tasks (not as strict)
-Keep your trophy count above zero (strict)

And that’s it!

Join our fun, international crew. Our name is:

U Bet Jurassicant


Hello adudenamedryan, I would like to join your alliance
Thank you, Huyethus #5877

Great! Asked the leader to add you

Ok where do we message

I just send the request can you accept it?

what are you sitting at rn? like what level is the tourney incubator?

Tier 5, right on track. Should be tier 6 by the end of this weekend

ok well mine is at tier 5 too

Nice. Good work! Up to you. Would be happy to have you :slight_smile:

Hello there.
Current stats: 4900 almost 5000 trophies.
I do have a team full of Uniques - with a fully boosted level 26 Thor, which is my main weapon in raids, and I already defeated 3 of the 4 Apexes with him.
Right now I’m in the #1 place in my alliances tournament.

M-Rex 165/300.
Hadros 150/300.
Cera 40/300.

Oh, I started playing in this year’s April (2020), and I’m looking forward for a new home. I’m tired of working so hard and still got a poor reward - which happens a lot when 3/4 of the alliance just don’t care about tournaments, daily tasks, and growing strong.
So, give me a call, let’s see what we can do together.

You’d be a perfect fit! A lot of people in the group would be happy to have a serious raider I think. Admittedly, that’s something we’re a little weak at. Tournaments and weekly rewards are great tho.

The group name is in my original message, so go ahead and request. May take a bit for the leader to respond since it’s Christmas of course. Hope to see you in there!

U Bet Jurassicant

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Did you guys do raids in a consistently basis?

Gimme a shout and let’s join forces - even if I don’t join the alliance, always nice to have some good friends :grin:

There’s always people raiding, but no set schedule.
Sure, what’s your username? Mine is my forum handle on here.

I play all most every day and night i sent u a rescest

excuse me, but do you still taking ppl into your alliance?
i currently have 2281 cups and had just returned.
also just unlocked my first legendary and intend to unlock more.
sadly never defeated any raid boos due to i have no teamates, so i hope i can get more epic dna from raids to make legendaries.
i hope i can get in to your clan.

Can I join your clan?
My username is delta77 and I have requested to join.