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We are 4 days into May. How's Ludia doing this month?

  • Zero changes to the messed up Testacornubis alliance championship tier requirements, even though they had a month to do so

  • A trash daily mission dino as well as trash alliance missions, killing motivation to play for the majority of the playerbase.

  • A pitiful excuse of an update that barely provided any for of engaging content, nonsensical balance changes to all but one creature alongside no changes to the other objectively overpowered creatures, and claims it fixed “hundreds of bugs” but didn’t say it fixed the ones we all complained about. “Oh look, the leaderboard shows more alliances now”

  • A charger scent, a rare incubator, and an epic incubator that were not even on the map. No response from Ludia whatsoever.

  • No changes in tier requirements to the upcoming Tenontorex championship requirements despite countless complaints throughout the month

  • Still selling boosts every single day

So Ludia, all I ask is, are the shareholders satisfied? Because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.




Clearly they have lost interest in communicating with their player base. As long as money keeps coming in, they simply don’t care.


Well it’s not from me anymore. I’ve finally hopped off vip thanks to ludia.

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I don’t know if the shareholders are happy. I used to spend a little money monthly on a game that I really enjoyed. Now I just keep the VIP and am thinking of removing it. They have decided that it is better to have 200 players spending thousands of dollars than tens of thousands spending a few. I suppose that the calculations have been done well but the numbers do not add up to me. Also, I think that those 200 and all the rest could be happy at the same time if things were done a little well. It really is a shame. I wonder how many players will be leaving the game this month. It’s a whole month hard with nothing exciting except maybe a week of mammoth hunting (to find two or three).

Word of advice: NEVER spend money on this game, or any other app game for that matter. Look at JPB. One day, that could be JWA, and then all your money has vanished.


I am 50/50 on this one. For many, mono is great for both early and late game. Monostego can be used anywhere as it performs really well. I need it (along with trike) and have a hard time accessing the mono zone.
That being said, I nearly threw up when I saw the alliance rewards

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This is the only one I have played in the last 15 years and when I stop playing I have promised myself never to play any other.

I think that when someone enjoys something as much as I enjoyed the first year of this game, it is fair to contribute a little money to its maintenance, without reaching gambling. It has been a long time since the game gives me more disgust than joy and that’s why I stopped spending. This month’s announcements should make me wonder whether I should quit the game, continue without the VIP, or simply limit the game to a few minutes a day.

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I’d go as far as to say never spend money on these “live service” games that rely on continuous revenue stream over time and slowly add more content overtime, mobile, AAA, or otherwise. It’s not a sustainable business model, and if enough people quit that the game running is no longer sustainable, future content and eventual game completion will never happen. It’s happened before, and will happen again for sure.


True. But I try to challenge myself without the extra help, and I do not want to max everything up right away and then have nothing to do in the game

I think so now too. If I had not maximized (but not by spending money if not by hunting and fighting a lot) perhaps now I would have some incentive to hunt. But I thought that new uniques would be appearing that were powerful and in which to get excited … but it has not been like that. When powerful uniques come out they are “paid” (exclusive basic component) so it doesn’t matter how much you hunt or how much you battle, you depend on what Ludia wants to give you and the rest.

I mean, I’m FTP and there’s not even much of an incentive for me to play right now.

Garbage rewards. Pteranodon would be useful if Quetzal wasn’t park locked and always more in demand.
Garbage daily. I know some people will disagree, but I live in Monolopho’s zone and I’m sick of seeing it.
Tenontorex championship. I have an abundance of all the ingredients right now.
Seasonal Blue. I don’t lack Blue, I lack Echo who happens to be in another zone (yet another reason I’m tired of no zone changes).


After seeing this thread I came here to list all these things, but I’m so glad it’s done already

@Ludia_Developers, I really advise you to read this thread, it perfectly sums up all the complaints that you have been so successfully ignoring over the last few months

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So the last activity from the @Ludia_Developers account was about the March Madness and how ridiculous the requirements were to receive the rewards.

“We are truly sorry about announcing the event with the incorrect rewards structure and promise to do better by you in the future.”

So when are the requirements for the Alliance Championship going to change, considering they’re too high? Or do the Ludia Devs no longer care about this game?