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We are looking for a few good team members

We recently had 2 spots open in our alliance "JWA MISSOURI " We have a great variety of members, casual, extremely active, local, international, young, old, high lvl, and low lvl. We have a great work ethic and hit 7/7 on our alliance missions.

We do ask that if you request to join that you are a daily active player. After 3 days we let you go unless notify us you will be gone a certain amount of time. You should complete your daily achievements every day and help contribute to DNA requests as we donate to requests as long as we have the DNA on hand.

We use a fb page which you are welcome to join but it is not required.

We are not a top alliance and do not make that claim, but we have fun and get our rewards every week. We have a few players who do not battle daily and with the state of the arena I cut them slack but we still hit a lot of daily battle incs on missions.

If you like to fire darts, get your dbi’s, complete missions, and are a team player check us out and request to join.

Thank you

I may have to check it out.

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