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We are Pteribyl, join us!

Do you want to join a top of the leaderboard alliance with 10/10 weekly missions and T10 tournament rewards, but you aren’t actually one of the top players in the game? Well guess what? You may have a higher chance of bringing dinosaurs back to life for real!
If you want a decent alliance with decent rewards, try us instead.

As an ARK GEM alliance, we offer:

  • 3 level 20 sanctuaries
  • Organised discord
  • Raid strategies
  • Daily cash links
  • Generous DNA donations
  • International alliance with members in Australia, USA and across Europe.

In return we ask a few simple things:

  • Do not place creatures in the level 20 sanctuaries!
  • Join our discord
  • Be active, try to complete daily missions as a minimum
  • Get 10 takedowns every tournament
  • Donate DNA when you can, and request often.
  • If you don’t need any DNA, request Deinonychus or similar trash DNA anyway, for easy coins!

If you are interested, contact me on Discord at KrombopulosPikel#0387