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We are recruiting for a new Community Ambassador!

Hello DPG Members!

Are you an awesome and fun individual who is always willing to help others within our Community? If you said YES, then we want you to become our next Jurassic World Alive Community Ambassador!

How to Apply?

Write a short bio about yourself under this thread telling us why you would like to become a Community Ambassador and how you can help make a difference. Before you start, read the requirements below to see if you would be a perfect fit.


  • Trust Level 2 - Member
  • Very active on the forum
  • A good contributor - minimum 1 topic and 25 posts created
  • Did not receive any major infractions or warnings
  • Respectful and Polite
  • Professional
  • Attention to details


You have until May 21st, 2021 at 12:00 PM ET to submit your short bio. No candidates will be accepted past that date.

Two members will be selected as Community Ambassadors for this opening and will be contacted by a Direct Message in late May. More openings will be available in the future.

Thank you and best of luck! :+1:


Good luck to everyone who is participating in this


I’m out. i know i’m not a good fit.
good luck to all who participate.


Lol, same. I wonder why they’ve decided we need another Ambassador now.

ya I wont fit either I think

That’s because you’re not in the Trust level 2 yet

its because I dont know what that means yet

Neither do I

and because on one of my first days here I necro-posted by like 4 days or something

Necro Posted happens after a post has been like 4 months old without a reply

it was 3 months and 4 days I think. And also what does trust level 2 mean? And what does ambassador mean for these forums?

I am curious, how do you even check what trust lvl ur on? I probably don’t fit in the ambassador position but I am definitely curious about what it means

You click on your profile to see what trust level you are in

Welp, I have to mark off two of those cause I aint really polite in some circumstances, and I have had multiple warnings, oof

image Shoot, I would vote for both of you 100%


Plus after I get the role, I’ll never be active

yes please

I don’t think I would live it down if I were to become an ambassador for the community on here!

However I do think either @Acerglyn or @DemonDobie would be perfect candidates :laughing:

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About 7 too many letters for my proper role here @Schtemty.