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We are recruiting for a new Community Ambassador!


Actually, no, not here, not now.

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Having more people to test new updates before releasing them would probably be more useful than having ambassadors…


Hi I am sixtyfour and I can be known as Carby the one with the turtle power. :turtle:

That is all. Hire me.


Hello, I’m DragonWarrior. I am interested in applying for community ambassador.

You may be able to guess from my username that I love dragons quite a lot. While this is correct, I also happen to be a huge fan of dinosaurs and other prehistoric fauna!

Although my favorite dinosaur changes practically on a daily basis, I’d say my current favorite has to be Deinocheirus. You just can’t get any cooler than a giant, hunch-backed, duck-lizard in my book!

Favorite creatures aside, I’m sure you’re wondering: why would DragonWarrior be the best choice for community ambassador? Lucky for you, I happen to have a plethora of reasons why you should hire me!

  • I am respectful and polite. I never let my emotions control me, and won’t lash out at anyone regardless of their behavior. I can remain neutral during a heated discussion, and can understand each distinct viewpoint in a disagreement.

  • I am efficient and dedicated. I can work for hours on a single project without getting bored or unmotivated.

  • I am organized and detail-oriented. I am skilled at avoiding errors when I write documents, papers, and even simple comments on the forums. I can review written passages and discover mistakes that others often overlook!

  • I am artistic and creative. I thoroughly enjoy drawing, specifically of new creature and hybrid concepts for JWA. I enjoy inspiring people through my artwork, and hope that my work may motivate new artists to share their works as well!

  • I am knowledgeable about the game. I have committed tons of essential information regarding the game to memory, such as creature matchups, spawn locations, hybrid components, and much more. You’ve got a JWA-related question? I have an answer!

To summarize, I believe my dedicated and professional nature will make me the perfect fit for community ambassador. I hope you’ll take my application into consideration!


This rules MANY active forum members out… Probably the most active, ironically… myself included


Hello I’m stygionyx1,

  • I’m a very active forum user and I love to try and entertain people with guess the battle

  • I have been a bit argumentative because I have a bad day. Otherwise I’m pretty good when it comes to talking to people.

  • I’m a player who joined Jurassic world alive on launch (The exact day)

  • Been 1 month and 7 days since I joined

  • Still learning about the forum and otherwise I know all the other stuff.

That is a report on me if I can qualify.

Here are my top topics




Been considering for awhile if I should apply for ambassador role or not. Finally today I realized there is no downside to not being given this role, and so I typed up my resume to see if I would qualify or not.

I also just realized that this came out way longer than I thought it would so hopefully that’s okay.

Anyway my application is below:

Why I Would Want To Be A Community Ambassador :

I have been in this community for 200 days now, hopefully a lot more and I generally do enjoy communicating with other JWA enthusiasts here. I am quite a social person and due to me being locked in a hospital for who knows how long the social interaction is great.

Why would I like to be a community ambassador? Well I am a leader in communities so I most certainly could lead by example. I am admin in several discord servers, and I chose to want to be admin in those places simply because I love helping out and leading by example to show how to act responsibly in a group setting. I also run my own alliance, Goose Gang, I have learned great leadership roles by running that alliance. For example: I have learned that I must respect everyone in the community, as everyone in a community plays a part. Without the members there is no community. And this is how running an alliance is similar to running a forum, the forum needs members to run and if they enjoy it and are respected they will stay. In overview, I would like to help out to make everyone feel welcomed and that there opinions are respected. I already do a little greeting post in a private message to anyone who joins the forum to make them feel welcomed and respected.

How I Can Make A Difference :

Like previously stated, I can make everyone feel respected and welcomed to the community. Those actions will positively increase they stay of new members giving rise to more long term members which are the backbone to a community.

How I am already making a difference, before being a ambassador. Well, I greet everyone in a respectful greeting private message to everyone who joins to make them feel welcomed. I try to create a friendly happy atmosphere for everyone by trying to post happy / positive messages.

Do I Meet Requirements - Short Answer, Yes

Trust Level Two Member :ballot_box_with_check:

Incredibly Active :ballot_box_with_check: I post several times a day with thoughtful, not rushed responses. Unless I have a busy day, then I post less.

1 Topic Created, 25 Posts Written :ballot_box_with_check: Exceeding this one by a lot, haha.

Did not receive any major infractions or warnings :ballot_box_with_check:

Respectful And Polite :ballot_box_with_check:

Professional :ballot_box_with_check:

Attention To Details :ballot_box_with_check:

Closing Thought

Thanks for getting this far down through my application! I understand you have many applications I would assume, so no hard feeling if not accepted. Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep, find it impressive that people are applying for the job, but have no clue what they will have to do…

Only thing we know so far about them is:

-Actual ambassadors do not watch the forums, because one of them would have answered you already.

-They don’t do much in the forums as most have us have no clue what they do. (yet: requirement is being VERY active on the forums…)

I guess that hopefully, their job is to do a summary of all our posts for Ludia? That would be cool!


As your hopefully future ambassador everyone, I will make it my goal to answer these types of questions almost as soon as they appear. No more will you wait in the dark, but I shall guide you to the light


I already do this for roughly 40 thousand people on Facebook so I don’t really have the time :rofl::rofl::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::joy::joy:


How was he very rude?

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Oh gosh, I’ve heard rumours about that.


What rumors?

I don’t think it can be written here, I already see hidden posts up there.


I do feel like we need some answers here. I don’t know the context or the events that transpired here, but it’s a big deal to accuse someone of something like that without providing any evidence.

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Lets stay on topic and refrain from making personal attacks.


Exactly as Jason said.
I think a lot of PMs are running in the meantime, btw.
Better stay on topic, that story is not of public domain for now and it’s better like this, believe me.

Soooo, I’m very curious about who else will candidate for this interesting initiative.


Look no further, Ambassador material here. I have enough Ferraro Rocher for everyone! :partying_face:


I hope there is real background checks and the imposters have been weeded out of the running :slight_smile: