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We Are, Recruiting

Always recruiting. Always getting the Silverhand. The We Are , family of guilds is here for you.
Come check us out at :

We will get you in a winning Guild. Participation is mandatory. We only Require 50 rooms in Rally’s . Get your rewards and unless you’re really needing them ignore the last 5 keys. That extra 25 rooms blows.

Raid is mandatory though. Do your best.

1000 donation minimum. Obviously we encourage more but 1000 isn’t hard for anyone. I think you’ll notice the more you participate and donate the more people will return the favor :wink:

Raids. Anyone… that has gotten at least 30 keys ( 10 keys a Rally/3 Rally’s) should be about to do 50+ rooms. If not ask for our help. That’s why we have a Discord channel. In the game we are limited to 140 characters to talk. On Discord we can chat, exchange screen pics, read a variety of threads on gear and load outs for each character etc.