We aren't looking but are you looking for us?

“we Are Misfits” is the guild

I could sit here and tout our strengths but I’d rather let them speak for themselves. We aren’t the strongest guild sitting in the top 20 but you’ll see our donation numbers… or you won’t… That’s up to you.

DM me for an invite to our discord server to “try before you buy” or just to hang out in an active WoW oriented place with lots of posts, links, help, and chat.


We are still NOT LOOKING to fill 5 empty spots. Scouts honor!

@ShoelessRob I’m back to the game! Would it be possible to rejoin this excellent guild? I think I was very active and with good donations numbers :slight_smile:

We’re not topping the leaderboard for a lesser powered guild. Nor are we looking for you… But are you looking for us

Hi, i am looking for an active guild. I am a very active active player.

We have a spot open. Apply away people