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We as players want more creatures, fixes, and to do

  1. Just wanting to say this. It may not make a difference and everyone has their own opinion but whatever. I think we need aquatic dinosaurs, there are hundreds that you could work with. Throw in a giga that’s an epic that can fuse into a new unique. We as players love the game but want more. We also understand the time it takes to make the changes or adding new stuff, but we just wanna be assured that new exciting things are coming. A larger campaign, maybe frozen tundra creatures, I know there are some already. But hey that’s just my opinion. Everyone’s got one.
    The fixes. I’ve been put with people with level 25 dinosaurs with my level 16-19 team haha I get crushed. Now I know I don’t have an alpha tier team but hey I don’t think I should be placed with them. And some dinos I understand only spawn in certain areas maybe some that users cannot get to and that’s how alliance and sanctuaries work, to help us achieve them. But sometimes depending on the alliance that can run slow.
    The campaign. Is short. Sweet but short. It would be great if it was longer and more prizes. It could just be rare or epic incubators. And for the very zenith of players. A unique incubator

Again my opinion doesn’t mean much just thought I’d share my ideas that me and my alliance talked about
TheEliteAndrew in case y’all wanna find me.


This past year has been age of mammals. I’m hoping that 2020 will be the age of sea monsters and we’ll get the aquatics that we all want.

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