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We complain, but it’s time to say thanks!


This update is amazing! Thank you devs and mods… I’m super stoked! :sunglasses::grin:
*lets keep working on getting those spoofers outta here tho :wink:


True! Gotta love JWA!

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When I saw the alliance mission rewards!


I think they are taking the right direction. There are no wild epic spawns but they are starting giving their DNA as quest rewards. This helps to shorten a little bit the advantage that spoofers have over legit players.


Best update yet imo, consistent bug fixes for the first time, alliances missions are awesome and the improved drone is very nice (a bit too nerfed though, 10 coins and 2 darts for a supply is a joke).
The only thing i really hate is the balance (draco g2 2.0 lol) and the spawns that are still awful since 1.5, my map is still flooded with suchomimus that i don’t use because i don’t wanna tap 20k times the screen to level up suchotator.
But still, awesome update


I al pretty much happy with the update, it doesn’t matter if it hurst my tanks, I am sure it will balance in the next one , but kudos ludia

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yup,this update is very interesting and bring back the game to life!
Thank you game devs and mod!
Lot of us complain but you have done an awesome job


Definitely boosting my activity here! Hardly put the game down since the update!


Good thread! Yes, thank you, especially for the wider drone access to things. Very much appreciated!!!

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I’ve been on non stop lol

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Made the game SO much better! I’m so glad they increased the range on supply stops.


Terrible update


My only complaint so far is that the update came out in the morning and I’ve been at work all day so I have not had a proper chance to contribute

So far, what chance Ive had to play Im really enjoying the changes

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While the balance has been a bit whacky (Monomimus, Proceratomimus, Dracoceratops and Diloracheirus), I have to praise Ludia for the overall update.

The actual game play aspect of the game got updated FANTASTICALLY. So keep up the good work on that.

Hopefully the balance will be improved as well, but seeing the Utarinex rebalance, Magnapyrritor and Alankylosaurus buffs, I think they will do the right thing eventually for all dinosaurs.


I LOVE THIS UPDATE!!! It’s a shame battle animations and the on map zoom in are off timing but they’ll be fixed. The game is incredible now!


I love and appreciate the changes! I’m looking forward to spawn changes too.

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My phone’s battery isn’t happy with the update as I’ve been playing more than normal today.


I half like, half dislike this update.

They still couldn’t fix this though?

still makes my game unplayable and have to restart it when this happens.


GREAT JOB LUDIA !!! I love the new update. Thanks a lot.


Thank you…
But may i know is the tournament OFFICIALLY over? Has the trophy points registered?
I parked my trophy points and just waiting for this moment…