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We complain, but it’s time to say thanks!

why would you say that ? ITS A GREAT UPDATE
Nobody is making you use this app are they ?

Great update great hybrids thank you ludia :grin:
Your starting to head in the right direction.

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I’m happy with the update. I just really wish they would implement a rotation of zones so every update there is a shift. It would be so simple. Zone 4 become zone 1, zone 1 to zone 2, zone 2 to zone 3 etc. It would really even out access to the dinos.


Enjoying the update. The quality of life improvements such as the reach of interaction on the map is truly much appreciated.

Keep the good times coming… :hugs:

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Yeah, I’m pretty happy so far. I love the increased range and alliance missions. I haven’t gone out and hunted yet, pretty sick and stayed home. So I’ll see if spawns are increased later this week. My wife just might even come back.

Yeah thanks for the update. Definitely need to get the spoofers out now with the alliance missions. All it would take is one spoofer account in an alliance with a route program and it would complete all of these missions by itself for the whole alliance to benefit from.

This guy definitely needs to be nerfed! Lol

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Thank you so much for the increased range… many times I had wished I could access an epic strike, treasure chest or green supply drop on the neighbor’s property just out of reach… and now I can!

I’m sure there’s much more to thank you for, but I’m still in the process of exploring :smiley:

P.S. I love Utarinex’s new attack animation… it really scared me at first! :open_mouth:


I think he pops up every minute or so. Really annoying. Well, at least they haven’t put speed restrictions so we can still play from passenger. Because I never play while driving. <.<

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Where are the dinosaurs? Nothing spawns except Diplocaulus and Tarbo (Weekly dinos don’t count)? Game is worse now, I don’t know what people are saying. I live in Los Angeles and spawns are so dead now.

The update itself is a step in the right direction… but the spawn mechanics are still the 1.5 introduced mechanics seems they want us to get most of our epic dna from incs, events, and rewards…

On the bright side I did get a rex spawn from a large scents… that didnt happen in all of 1.5


A step in the right direction yet hardly anything good spawns. Yea right…

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Amazing? They nerfed Monomimus into uselessness despite the fact it requires an arena exclusive ingredient, failed to do enough about Spinotasuchus (the fact that it was the only Legendary Metahub placed into Tyrant should tip you off to how OP it was as the only DoT creature capable of KOing Erlidomimus and Magnapyritor, 2 Unique Immune creatures, at even a -1 level disadvantage), created an even more powerful and uncounterable version of Dracorex G2 by buffing Dracoceratops, altered Utahsinoraptor/Utarinex in a manner which is inconsistent with previous statements about keeping classes of creatures’ focus in particular direction(s), and still haven’t provided buffs to creatures that really need them (Grypolyth, Tuora, Paramoloch, Alankylo etc).
On top of that, of 1.6’s new additions, Pterovexus, like its parent Monomimus, had its wings clipped by horribly low stats - its health is lower than Suchotator, a RARE hybrid, with roughly equal attack. While it has much higher Speed, it can’t even beat most other superhybrids at 129 Speed (it could plausibly run from Spinotasuchus, but it outright loses to Erlidominus, at best ties with Diloracheirus and loses to Indoraptor most of the time). And honestly, it’s the Indoraptor matchup that annoys me most. A superhybrid with Nullifying Impact and 129 Speed should be able to easily dispatch Indoraptor, but it lacks the damage to KO Indoraptor or the health to stay around to do the job. Swoop can’t kill Indoraptor (it didn’t get Lethal Swoop a la Stigydarex), and Swap in Wound means Pterovexus takes significant damage before the battle properly starts.
Before anyone here complains about a “crybaby meta”, firstly, thanks for the ad hominem attack. Secondly, not everyone has the resources to create and evolve creatures as the meta rapidly shifts under their feet. I’ll be okay - I’m sitting on a few hundred thousand coins, so I could easily build, for example, Dracoceratops to a fairly high level if I needed. But others can’t. Thirdly, what I’m looking for is simple - a fair, consistent and fun meta. That means that when more effort is required to create and level a creature, that creature should be, on average, more powerful than its brethren of equal rarity. That means that creatures of a higher rarity should, in most circumstances, be better than creatures of lower rarity - and should beat them. That means that when there’s a playstyle/class of creature, there should be a counter readily available to easily check that playstyle.
In practical terms, this is what that roughly translates to. I’m okay with an Epic theropod beating a Legendary tank, or a Common stegosaurid beating a Rare raptor. But not with a Legendary DoT creature being able to beat an Immune Unique creature. I’m okay with a Legendary crafted from an Epic and a Common being as powerful as one crafted from an Epic and a Rare. But not with a Legendary created from two Commons being better than one created from an Arena exclusive Epic and a Common. And I’m certainly not okay with that same Legendary having the ability to drop 2x damage repeatedly on a team by healing itself and switching out again without any possible method of counter.
So yeah. Thanks for nerfing and refusing to buff hybrids and superhybrids crafted from ingredients literally impossible to find in the wild, while other overpowered creatures run amok. Thanks for ignoring your own statements about Dracorex G2 being a ONE Hit Wonder in reworking Dracoceratops, and creatures’ focus in giving Utahsinoraptor/Utarinex Slowing Strike. Thanks for creating a playstyle (Swap in Shattering Rampage + Regeneration) that is literally impossible to counterplay save for utilising certain creatures (Pinning/Lockdown creatures) which almost universally have no use otherwise (not to mention that thanks to random team picking, you might not even get the creature you need).
So, yeah, thanks guys.

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For all the game development, additions and fixes so far and on the whole - A BRILLIANT GAME - Ludia we thank you!


You mentioned something that made me think of how unbalanced this game can be. I don’t have the resources to create uniques, but I’m slowly getting there. My problem is that when I finally make a unique I’ve been,working on for months, it will probably be nerfed to nothing. Resources wasted that could have just been used to lvl up the ingredients, such as utahsinoraptor. Why make its unique when the legendary can get the job done? Wish I would have known this 3 months ago.

I agree ! Great update ! Some of the complainers should remember this is the best free app out there. If you don’t agree it’s easy to change to your best free app. J


Now listen to everyone complaining that Ludia have given them exactly what they asked for ‘Swap-in Nullify’, but it’s not good enough they now all want it to do damage as well. There’s just no pleasing some people. lol What a bunch of whingers and whiner we are.


not for L4 players that is. they said they would balance local spawns instead they worsened them now L3 is the openly best while L4 is the openly worst. how can we compete with L3 ers when the rares we get can make grypolith for gods sake

L4 had the components for rajakylosaurus, a cool, almost useless dino and now we have the ingrdients for a useless unique with same function as raja/djiora

I agree, there are several details that I do not like about the new version, but in general, the good points are more important than the bad ones.