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We deserve better

So I’m just gonna say what so many feel, but never feel comfortable to speak on. The @moderators on this forum are a true reflection of ludia as a whole. This company makes mistake after mistake and expects this community to just continue to stand by. The moderators here are exactly the same. They delete posts and ban people for the stupidest things and simply expect the player base will accept it. Its out of hand and it’s unacceptable.

I don’t care that I’ll catch a ban for this post because at the end of the day the moderators make this forum toxic. If these moderators can’t look at posts made here with an open mind and level head, they shouldn’t be a moderators to begin with.

So @moderators we simply ask you to get your head on straight and see things from our perspective. Maybe then you can understand why the community gets so upset so often on here.

the JWA Community


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While obviously worded in a way that can be deemed offensive sadly the points behind this are accurate.




I agree, the players are forgiving. But as soon as anyone mentions cheaters or questions lydia, the modertors jump on it like a Hobo on a train, tramp on chips. Let the community speak. @moderators moderate the page correctly. If you need any advice I’m available for private consultations…just slide into my DMs.

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I understand that being a moderator is not an easy job. And more often than not you get dragged into disputes that you have no way of knowing who is in the right.
But automatically banning someone for asking for help and genuine questions is a bit over the top is it not? An entire alliance is being targeted by individuals complaining about their in game names. IGNs with absolutely nothing wrong with them. Surely the solution is to flag that to the team and not ban them?