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We do need a Sarcorixis rework. Too op for an epic

As said in title, we do need a Sarcorixis rework. It is too op the way it is now, specially when talking about tournaments and speed boosts. “But Sarcorixis has an exclusive DNA, it can’t be weak” Sarcorixis was already op before Sarco became exclusive, so that’s not an excuse for this hybrid, and it would still be strong, but not op anymore.
This is my proposal for its rework:

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3900 health because both of its components have 3600 health, so 300 extra health should be enough

20% armor from both components

111 speed because there is no reason for it to ne fast the way it is

1100 attack is more than 1000 both components have

Strike is from Sarcosuchus,

Greater Stunning strike is from Einiasuchus,

Resilient Impact replaces Immobilize, cause we don’t even know why this hybrid has Immobilize, so Resilient Impact is from Einiasuchus

Ferocious Strike replaces the extremely OP Ferocious Impact

No Escape from its croc component

And keep her two resistances, only making them a 50% instead of a full immunity.

This is my proposal


That nerf honestly would make it unusable


Hmm why?

I think rixis is one of the few creatures tang could actually benefit from getting more counters. We get some hybrids that are basically Diet Spyx, Erlidom, and Rinex


I think current sarco is relatively ok. The problem is that we have too many weak epic hybrids, some of them were supposed to be a counter to sarco, like gorgosuchus and postimetrodon, but as of now they only recieved HP buffs and that’s a little odd to me. Aren’t they supposed to be fast tank busters? They need more damage, not more HP. Gorgo could use a stun resistance ( It makes perfect sense for fierce dinos to have stun resistance since stunners are almost always resilient creatures) and both need an increase in damage output. Not to mention other epic hybrids that while aren’t necessarily a sarco counter, are still too weak for what they are, like majundaboa and scaphotator. If all the weak epics got a deserved buff It might not even be necessary to change sarco. If It still is too strong, a small damage decrease would solve the problem. No need to change the kit, it’s perfect as It is and overall It has a good strenght for a superhybrid.


You just killing one superhybrid ok then lets nerf thyla because he beats many unique. Just stop. Can we just buff another epic ? Amarago ? Nodopato ?


I think we need both fierce epics, gorgosuchus and postimetrodon to step up as true counters. Other tanks could hold their own against sarco too but i feel the fierce dinos that should be the main counters.
Also, Thyla is perfect and an exemple of balance, must protecc :laughing:


Agree. Epic fierce dinos are jokes. Majority of them can’t even kill tanks, due to low damage.
Gorgo could have at least 1200 attack, which would be 3600 on Rampage. That’s still far from damage Gorgo had before 2.0. Also Gorgo and Posti have worst ferocious move in entire game.

Gorgo do 4500 damage in 2 turns, Posti 3750 damage. GFS lasts only 2 turns and has 3 turn cooldown. Rixis has move with same cooldown, but move buff lasts 3 turns and Rixis do 4825 damage in 2 turns.


The problem is that gorgo and posti have stats that would fit something like a bleeder, but the problem is that they’re supposed to be the run of the mill damage increase fierce, they need more attack so that way their opponent dies faster, that’s one of the whole points of fierce to drain health from other creatures. Gorgo should have ~1200 damage with Posti having ~1300 that way they can do some damage that actually makes sarco worried that it won’t live another turn


I agree that Posto and Gorgo should have more damage. Posto cant kill almost any dinos the way it is now


So true @Dinotris and @Earlidominus
They are built as thicc low damage chompers, that just doesn’t work. Gorgo is able to beat erlikogamma because It has so much HP, this is obviously not working as the class system intended.
And the group ferocious strike is indeed a horrible move, It needs to last at least the 3 turns as ferocious strike lasts, it’s incredibly inferior to ready to crush in raids too. As for the damage i would go with 1350(it’s just enough to kill diplodocus) for gorgo and 1200 for posti, and then nerf the HP a little, 4000 for gorgo and 4200 for posti. The other issue with gorgo is cleansing impact, with this rework It would be able to kill speedsters with a crit or If set up, i would suggest replacing It with adrenaline surge or even group takedown. It also needs stun resistance to effectively counter stunning resilients, like sarco and swappers.

So It would look like this:

4000 HP
1350 damage
120 speed
0% armor
30% crit

Fierce strike
Group ferocious strike (lasts 3 turns)
Fierce rampage
Adrenaline surge/group takedown

100% speed decrease, stun and vulnerable resistances

4100 HP
1300 damage
124 speed
0% armor
10% crit

Fierce strike
Group ferocious strike (lasts 3 turns)
Fierce impact

Same resistances as It has now( it’s a lot i don’t feel like writing everything :laughing:)

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I like the stat changes, but I think it’s current moveset is fine.

I think the current Sarco just needs to lose any speed control tools, so he needs to lose decel immunity and Resilient Strike. That would honestly make him balanced but still strong

With that nerf you might as well delete it like they did Tragod. They did delete tragod right?


Imma just say it… no disrespect, just my opinion…


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It’s okay like this, to be able to control the sprinters, the ferocious ones kill him very often, I have a boosted one and it does not guarantee victory, in the tournament it is easy to counteract.
It is enough to ask to make creatures worse, ask other creatures for improvements, it is a true epic, but it is not an epic like the others, that is why it has to be better than others because it is a super hybrid.


Maybe posti should has higher damaage since it only has impact

I made this trade off because historically it’s always been the one with more HP and gorgo with more damage. It It were to get more damage then It may need to lose some HP

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I changed it on the rework tho, i agree it’s better for posti to have more damage output than HP

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Nup, rework other epics

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