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We do not need cenozoic creatures


We know that there where animals in every jurassic world the game.


These are ice age animals.


The Smilodon, the Mastodon…


It’s not been confirmed if it will happen

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It’s not happening, since a poll was done and the players overwhelmingly stated that this game should be dinos only.


I believe Ludia does pay attention to some of the more important polls. The fact that they added cenozoics to JWTG pretty much ruined it for a lot of players. And now we have JWA, which just got pterosaurs. Cenozoics aren’t needed. And the players of JWA have already spoken on this point.


Ironic, since Purussaurus is a Cenozoic creature.

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If the game is supposed to be dinosaurs only, explain why there are synapsids, crocodylomorphs, pterosaurs, amphibians, and hybrids, which are not dinosaurs, in the game.

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Yeah, there’s permian stuff that slipped through the cracks, so paleozoic is in here too. But in keeping with the theme of dinosaurs, Cenozoic mammals aren’t likely to be added, as no one wants them. They’re useless and take up too much space.

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And Right now, there’s far too many animals in the game. A lot of them are useless, such as the crocs and amphibians and synapsids. Purru is useless as well.

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Pterosaurs were mesozoic animals, actual contemporaries of the dinosaurs - as were some crocs like sarcosuchus. So i can see why they were put in. Mammals don’t have any place in this game.


I personally think more creatures would be better, it will add more variety to the game. Even if they are “useless” they can still be hybridized or something, and don’t forget the AR function.

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More actual dinos, yes. That would work. Adding worthless giant furry elephants or sloths or big armadillos would just make this game look incredibly stupid.


Each to their own, those mammals are prehistoric animals too, and I wouldn’t be opposed to their introduction to this game, especially some of the more obscure genus and species.

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If you have 123 dinosaurs there are many things for you. And the point of this game is to put many prehistoric animals in and mammals are in it.


They are part of the reason no one really plays JWTG anymore. It’s not “Jurassic World” when you throw crazy stuff like animals that weren’t dinos (or close cousins to dinos) in the mix.

Ludia won’t make the same mistake with this game. Besides, the players have already taken a poll and made their voices heard. No cenozoics in JWA.

If you like them so much, you could always just go play JWTG.


We’ll see.


We already did see, back in September. Where were you?

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JWTG’s system is vastly different from JWA, I don’t want to just see mammals, I want to have them in Augmented Reality. Honestly, the hybrids in these games are crazier than mammals anyways, so I don’t see why they couldn’t add them in. Also, what is this poll you’re speaking of?

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I still play it if there is no cenozoic update.