We don't need 2 MINUTES to wait for a battle to start


Just reduce it to 20 seconds. If no match starts by then, drop the connection.

Sometimes I think that I have a connection issue when it takes too long. So I restart my side of the game. I never wait until the clock goes to zero.


It never does go to zero. It counts down to 1 minute then times out.


I totally agree with this. Mayb reduce to 1 min is sufficient


Mine has gone to zero plenty of times it’s only the last week that mine has stopped at 1 minute.
I can handle one minute I guess. 30 seconds I think everyone would be happier with but 2 minutes made me remember that I’m wasting my life away on this silly game I can’t put down.


That is a little ridiculous. I get having 15 seconds to prepare an attack. But 2 minutes to begin the battle? Really


I never let the clock drop more than 15 seconds and restart the app and reopen! Than wait 5-10 do it again and I am either at the beginning of a match or back on the map and I try again and 99% of the time the match starts right away after that! The connection issues could possibly be the opponent so by restart twice it dumps on that opponent and takes me to a new one!

The last part of my post is speculation!


Is it framework rlated? Pokemon Go raids also use google maps game framework & 2 minute wait on raid battle - may be coincidence, not sure as not used the maps game framework


if it goes more than 10 seconds, you aren’t getting a game. 1:50, close app and restart.


Not true, i’ve often got in to a match at 1:40 - 1:45.


raids make sense, since you can have up to 6 (i guess?) people joining in.

an 1v1 fight doesn’t need that much time


Raids can have up to 20 players i believe so it makes sense to have a long waiting time. Here, it’s pretty much pointless!


better than 240 seconds the CPU gets to start a strike event. thank god it doesn’t take the whole timer.


Yes pls! Hate waiting so long especially when I dont know how long it will actually be. Sometimes it counts down all the way to 0 other times to 1min. :roll_eyes: I think 30secs would be a good amount. :grinning:


also don’t get why it says waiting for opponent to respond. like they have any way of “responding” to the game.


If they cancel out too soon you might miss an opponent who comes in 10seconds later. Then they may not get someone. You are assuming that there are plenty of opponents available at every moment.

The alternative, and maybe an eventuality when the player base decreases, is sending out the bots. You want that?

I guess they could have “Battle Times” in order to bunch everyone’s up. Like the first 20 minutes of every hour.


Update 1.4: Countdown EXTENDED to 5 minutes


@Kwaack said it well.

Personally, I would like to extend the timer for the matchmatching, instead of facing bots… or players that have 500 trophies above me, with 6 legendary and a unique dino :sweat_smile:

I just touch the fight button, raise the smartphone volume thus I don’t have to stare at the phone while waiting, but I do something else, like read the forum or do something else.