We don't need counters, we need fair-chance draws

I keep seeing people whining “this creature is broken” or “it is too OP it needs a nerf”. And immediately some player (possibly a p2w or not too high up in PvP) says stuff like “stop cribbing just get a counter” or “It has counters therefore it’s not OP”. Honestly, having counters doesn’t mean a thing in balancing creatures.

I think something we need to look at more closely is how many dinos can a particular dino take down easily in PvP. If a dino can beat 90% dinos very easily it is OP even if it has a lose rate of 100% against 3 creatures (hard counters). This doesn’t make the creature balanced. The 90% matters a lot.

Does rexy have hard counters? Sure. But can it also totally obliterate most other dinos? Yes.

The same with all flocks and deer. Testa can STILL beat most creatures except for its counters. So unless there is a counter, it isn’t a fair game because the win rate against all other dinos is very high.

It would a lot more reasonable for a hard-to-get unique to have a few counters have a decent chance of winning against many dinos, and close to a 50% chance against most other dinos.

I’ve been playing for 3 + years now (hanging just below shores most of the time) and I am f2p. I think balancing ideas need to highlight the number of dinos that are actually a fair game and not the extremes (counters or type advantages).


The whole game need to be rebalance and some mechanic need an adjustement.
The fierces need to stop cleansing the distraction,the resilients need to stop being faster than cunning,the flocks need groups move to REALLY counter them ,they should deal damage multiplied by the number of flocks alive (3= damage X3),the swap in direct damage need “on entry” ability to counter them,i pass most of the aberration we got these days.
The 3 class needs to be respected.And for the hybrids ( 2 of each class) and jokers,if they have all abilities then they need to have weakness .

Aswell as old creatures need to be reworks entirly.
When i see rexy,fukuimimus,pirritator and megalosuchus are from the same rarity,its an obvious joke,and thats just an exemple.


The whole needs re-balance. some creature are OP as hell like rexy
The counter are there but they are not used at all because there not good

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The whole just use a counrer argument is one of the worst arguments in the history of this game. Right lets look at what this arvument contains.

Rexy had what 2 viable counters? A team maxes out of 4 and conrains 8 dinos. So right there and then you are dependent on RNG to draw those 2 counters when you meet a rexy. The balancing in this game is ascued. Creature that were once op like mrhino. (Which didnt even get touched) have been powercrept out of the meta. Thats the opposite of balance.

This game needs an entire revalancing starting from the top down. In a believe somewhere around 2.0(excluding the iiT instance) we were up around 20-30 viable creatures im the top meta. Now? Creatures with amazing resistances, crazy good movepool. Lile ardontognathus. Dont even make it in the team of 8. Thats hpw small the meta is. Creaturea like Vasilas went from far superior to the #2 creature in the game. To being removed from players teams in just a couple months.

Rng needs to be less of a factor. And skill needs to be more of a factor. Pay wall needs to be smaller and grinding needs to reward effort. This game used to be what was described but had forgotten the roots of its greatness.



Pirri feels like a rare, megalo like an epic, fukui like ??? (Never faced one outside of a strike tower) and Rexy like stronger than an apex.

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Flocks dealing damage based on flock members alive means they need to have their attack doubled because they will be too weak