We get 9 attempts on epic dinos. Nice but which all?

It says it is gonna end in 4 hr and 54 mins. I can see the t rex, secondo, baryonyx . Which other dinos are there to be hunted?

I guess it’s only those 3, like in the defense shattering event.

Ok. But if any of you find more plz do update

Maybe we get legendaries after epic’s… They during 5h, and some ppl get legendary DNA in their epic goat incubator :crossed_fingers:

I got unique in hc incubator. 2 of them

Good to see they are doing their part to keep everyone indoors.

I got constrictor and indo gen 1. My guess is more epics like raja, smilo, and indom or something

Only 6 hours to find 9 green towers … quarantined?

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I was extremely puzzled by the exceptionally small time frame to get these. One, for those who are indeed still busy working are getting buggered over. Two, those who are under strict guidelines on a municipal level can’t go out for very long to do much of it, if any. Three, these seem to contradict their Ludia’s previous message/stance on how they’d like to handle things whilst we are in the current social climate.

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I went out and my girlfriend and I got 9 Rex. I thought about it and I’m glad I was laid off work temporarily otherwise I’d be at work and would miss out and would be severely frustrated.

There is an curfew on here since evening. I darted the only one that was in range. Still 8 tries , I can see 2 but can’t go out. Worst possible day to get this. T t rex I was able to see changed to Barry . Bah if only I had 20 mtrs on to the next road I would have got 2 more

and now 18 attempts from 10 PM to 4 AM, at home, quarentined and with only one green tower at 191 meters…wonderful :frowning:

Same situation here.

Have one little closer. 5 in park, but now with giga scent running have no intention to run into park with temperature around 0 degrees Celsius outside.

Edit: We can go in park for a walk.

I woke up late. I only see Gorgosauruses and Kaprosuchuses now. RIP

Kinda hard to get event drop dinos when they aren’t near you. Oh well, it is what it is…

This, Australians get shafted unless you stay up all night. Woke up to rares too. They gonna come back out in 3Hrs?