We Get Tournament Prizes Today!


My tournament prize for top 50 is 2000 BLUE
Thanx ludia, we get the reward from our 1st turnamen
Tournament DNA awards

The joy of anticipation; the crushing reality of Purrusaurus DNA … you can hear @Heather screaming all the way up in Scotland …
I’m going to be checking my inbox every 5 mins … :crazy_face:


I received a epic of blue incubator, but no coins or cash…


I got an epic blue incubator, but I finished at like 3700 trophies and never got over 4000 :man_shrugging:t3:


I know its free but after the effort put in I am rather nonplussed:

500 Blue
13,105 Coins
2372 Dracorex Gen 2 :rage:
3302 Triceratops Gen 2 :rage:
351 Tuojiangosaurus
227 Tenontosaurus
62 Secondosaurus :rage:
283 “Alan”


Just got mine also. Really dissapointed on the coins. Nowhere near enough coins IMO.
I was able to unlock Alanq and get her to 12 before the special event though so not a total loss, but damn i need coins like a fat kid needs cake…!


Same here. Im even worse, at 2900 trophies


That prize is insulting!! Koolasucus

So for all.that hard work I get koolasucus, tentontasurus, majungasucus…

How the he’ll is there any incentive to grind when you get this BS prize


Propably karma :thinking: just joking. It’s free reward, so be happy that you at least got something. I really feel they shouldnt have given anything for players outside of top500.


Got 2 incubators.
One for the 4k medals.
One for the leaderboard ranking.


I can relate … my epic dna (aside from Blue) are Gryposuchu and Spinosaurus Gen 2. It’s almost like they know what I want/need and purposely don’t give me those :sob:



My epic dna was 500 Blue, 166 Pteranodon (now unlocked) and 124 Monolopho. Can’t complain since I didn’t even get 3600 trophies.


I only had around the 3500 trophys mark so didn’t expect anything but chuffed to get this

as always I love free stuff :grinning:


250 sinocera
90 T-Rex
3.7k suchomimus


I got reward too, but was only around 3200 trophies at tournament end.
Most DNA was trash, but got some Arambourgiania DNA and most epic was Sinoceratops DNA.

Wonder if they gave it to all participants or just lower the limit?!


At least I could have used Pyroraptor, Brachiosaurus and Megalosaurus … the only thing I needed in mine was Tuojiangosaurus and that’s only for the long term, getting it to 20 and the hybrid.


Here was mine, I was at 4019 when it ended


I need Monolophosaurus so badly … :sob:

How come everyone is getting and incubator not just those 4000+ ??? :confused:


Participation reward…i believe