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We had 6k cash extorted yesterday. Why is there a boost sale again today?

Shouldn’t the 6k have covered Ludia’s extortion plan for this week (and the next)?


Well it’s hardly extortion, but tbh I kinda expected the normal boosts to be out today. I mean haven’t you guys learned about Ludia yet?

No,i see this as a good sign.
There are two options i believe :
a) The first one is that the game is dying and trying to make more money…so if it dies soon…we will stop being frustrated from the unresolved issues.
b)The second one is that somehow found a reasonable and viable plan to nerf the boosts,so they try to milk them now before the upcoming update.And that i see as a really good sign


Sure hope you’re right and it’s option 2.

As for the sale: no one has to buy :wink:

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Technically b) could end up resulting further in a) happening. Imagine the outcry for them to do these sort of sales then turn around and nerf in 1.9. It’s a vicious circle that Ludia have created for themselves and have no-one to blame but themselves.


For that reason i say reasonable and viable plan.
A simple plan is that they introduce 12 Dinos strike team.Then they reset all the boosts and add something bonus atop.And ofcourse introduce a whole overhaul in Boosts.
Try to balance the happiness and anger amongst all the players.The boost buyers and the rest.

As i said a reasonable and viable plan.Maybe they thought of something very good.
Or maybe they just want to make more money and we fail to see it because WE HOPE .

I want to have more of these discounts. Thanks.

There are no discounts.


You are correct. Noone has to buy. Unless they care about a year of efforts going down the drain.

There could be an option C.

C. Flood the market so those who choose to do so purchase and max out their desired creatures. Everyone being boosted the same takes out the ‘OP’ of someone boosting more. Users point out it will happen eventually. Lydia may just be speeding up the process as they find it a viable solution.

Those that choose not to purchase all available will still be in the boost jungle wars, but they are not purchasing customers. They are offered the option to boost to max at the same rate as everyone else.

When the market is flooded enough, boosts negate each other and it will be time for Armor and Crit boosts to enter the company store.


While there are people gullible enough to spend that kind of money on a mobile game, there will be greedy companies happy to fulfil the desire that feeds those people. It’s a bit like McDonalds feeding the desires of the ever increasing obese population worldwide. They wouldn’t exist without each other.

It saddens me to see it, and as I’ve said before, I was a part of it when I was buying incubators and boosts. But I’m glad to say I’ve seen the light, woken up and smelt the coffee. Lesson learned for me anyway and it’s pity I feel for those who have spent hard earned money on these boosts.


Even TheMaxx may run out of Tapjoy cash now

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The $6k boost sale kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I still think boosts should never have been in the store. Obviously that’s not profitable to them but they have accelerated the boost war waaaay too much. They should have been limited to battle incs and made us earn them instead of flooding the arena with them. Now everyone is just pissed off and losing interest. Where does the boost war end? It doesn’t. People who buy them all are in a black hole now and won’t be able to get out because it’s like an addiction. They dangle boosts in front of us and some people feel obligated to get every one of them so they don’t fall behind. I have bought them all and will continue to do so until my hard cash runs out. But I’m not happy about it. It’s just what i have to do. I’m just saving the boosts now. I haven’t applied any in at least a week. I don’t really know what i want out of JWA anymore. They should’ve just increased dino levels to 35 instead of adding boosts. We would’ve been annoyed by that but in comparison to boosts, we would’ve been much happier.


I have 10k left and a few more offers to do. That will be the end of tapjoy for me. They scammed me out of 20k+ cash though so i should have a lot more.

I think the 6,000 HC Boost deal finally knocked off another 10% of users who finally came to their senses and realized it is stupid to put more and more cash into this game. Close to $200 per month now.

Seriously, $200 real money per month for Boosts just to keep up? In a year you could buy the best gaming system with a dozen popular games and a brand new dedicated 65” HDTV just for it. And money left over for a VR Headset!

Or some more Boosts to keep up a leaderboard ranking for a game that is losing user base quickly.


Can you imagin if now after everyone is super boosting their top 8 creatures, they add a 12 creature team?

Then they have one of these 100 boosts for 2000 cash sales for the next 4 weeks so everyone can spend another $200 to bring 4 more creatures up to speed both figuratively and literally.

You know these guys are going to go after every dollar they can squeeze out of everyone. It’s all profit now.


Except they are hitting people so hard right now that they 1) make teams so strong that new players are discouraged from even starting, and 2) current players see their folly and drop out from the P2W ranks.

Motto: Better to make $10 million now rather than $2 million per month for the next 5 years.


Ludia wont care if there is outcry. they will just start selling something else to compensate and everyone will buy it. Same as they wont nerf DC, instead they will release armour boosts to decrease DC’s damage.
the only circle is the emotional one Ludia keeps its players in to keep them spending

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Maybe they’ll start caring when their game begins to lose profits. They arent even on the top grossing category on the app store for me

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Boosts evolve around DC. Think about it. What would most players want more armor and crit chance for? To kill/survive the rats. What you’re not thinking about though is those same boosts would go into DC. It’s a cycle.

And yeah not in top grossing. How would you feel as a new player. Just starting to get good and rising. Then they start meeting the rat. My thought is only a truly addicted and motivated player would stay through that. Any normal minded gamer would think of that as garbage, and move to a more popular game. Plus they didn’t receive the boosts on roll back.

So what they have is dedicated players that are dropping out. Because for some reason they do not communicate at all anymore.

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