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We have a T. rex

Ever since I’ve started playing Jurassic World Alive two years ago, these three have stuck with me through thick and thin, all the way from Sibo to Aviary. We’ve been through hell and back together, survived the raptor meta, the rise and fall of Stegodeus, the introduction of boosts, Procerat and Indo G2’s reign of terror, and now raids. I’ve grown as a player, and they’ve grown too. As long as I’ll be playing this game, these three will stay on the team. Long live the queen!

Who’s next to join TeamTyrant?

  • Indominus Rex Gen2
  • Trykosaurus
  • Tyrannolophosaur
  • Tarbosaurus
  • Mortem Rex

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I only say Mortem just to add some challenge. Otherwise I’d go with Tryko or Tarbo so you can eventually have the complete rarity set.

i said tyranoloph because it’s bright orange. add in some color.


Already have a name for him, Strawberry :rofl:


I’d love to get Mortem, but got thoroughly thrashed the past two weeks… can you help me beat him?



And yeah, go after Tyrannolo… pretty and awesome.


I could try. But we’ve been trying to hone a startegy to do it. It takes quite a bit if coordination to pull it off. And we still haven’t yet.


Is balanced build good for chomper type creatures? Currently, Amber, Mocha, and Snowflake are all boosted 10/10/10

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Is Tyrannolophosaur strong?

Probably not, I wouldn’t have gone for so much speed for Mocha and Amber…
Indom yes, because being faster cloaking than some slow creatures can be good.
But the other two just need to pack a mean punch.

And yeah, Tyrannolo is really strong.
It has distract impact.


Welcome, Strawberry :strawberry:


How are you not level 20?

Always found it hard to level up… was stuck at level 12 for what seemed like forever, any tips to get to 20?

if you’'ve only done those 4 creatures, you probably won’t make it to 20 for a long time.
you need the xp from leveling other dinos and doing fusions.

Wow, I wouldn’t want to face up against that T-rex!(gen1) @UnicornWizard

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Oh right, you’re doing a Batman… Forgot :slight_smile:
Levelling up is gonna be rather impossible then.


You get experience by levelling up and fusing.
Tyrannolo should help you in that regard.

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The indominus Rex! YEEEEEESSSSSS! You are now my rolemodel. Mine has the same speed as yours.

neither did they… :smiling_imp:

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thank you :slight_smile:, how’s your indominus looking?