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We have a

We have a… Diplosuchus!!!


The cooldown is ridiculously low. Creatures way weaker than it have much longer cooldowns.

All of the super hybrids have low cool downs for their ferocity.


His good got him at 30 he be 40 soon

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I love my paddock of level 20’s. They get a ton of use in tournaments.

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I am just about to hatch my first one too. There hasn’t been much of the S-DNA since I started about 5 months ago. I have so much velociraptor and mostogops S-DNA but just barely hit the 1500 for this one.

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I know, he performs perfectly in tournaments,plus a 4 hour cooldown for something stronger than both the T Rex generations.

My level 10 does really well too,the cooldown overwhelms me .

My favorite super-hybrid.