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We have mega hybrids

I’m treating fact all along we are having mega hybrids if you think about it T Rex is a hybrid as they added frog DNA with T rex so she’s a and indom he had raptor Rex cuttlefish frog see so he’s a super hybrid and indo she’s a mega hybrid


10 chara


Then, to make an indoraptor, we would have somthing like this.

T REX = T Rex DNA + Frog DNA
VRaptor = V Raptor DNA + Frog DNA
Indominus Rex = 2xFrogDNA + T Rex DNA + VRaptor DNA
Indoraptor = VRaptor DNA + Frog DNA + 2xFrog DNA + Trex DNA + VRaptor DNA


Indoraptor =2xVraptor DNA + 3xFrogDNA + TRexDNA

aND STILL WONDERING why indoraptor isnt more like this



I was actually thinking it would be cool if we could add stuff like frog DNA to customise our hybrids. They could be like boosts, but 100% refundable.

Yes great idea now we can have a camouflaged tricerotops or ardentismaxima and you won’t know what is stomping around