We have Something Special

I am well aware of the frustrations and some of the issues with JWA. After returning last week after yet another 8+ month long hiatus, I get it.
But credit where it’s due, this game is truly special.

Yesterday I found myself torn between two alliances and I realized something crazy that I’ve never thought about before. I am talking to, working with, getting attached even, to people from all over the globe!

I’m sure it will hit some like it has me, but it’s even crazier personally because an introverted and shy person like me talking to people in Europe, Asia?! What no way!!! I’m rather unfriendly and like to hide from others - yet here I am talking to and knocking out various real-world (kinda) challenges with 45+ other people in other countries!!

This game has had it’s ups and downs for sure, but what doesn’t? I have made so many special memories because if this game. From going out and hunting for hours at night with family, unlocking each legendary, unique, and eventually Apex, to playing with my alliances. This game is very special. I’m not sure what I’d do if something ever happened to it.

To everyone at Ludia, thank you so much!
I know we have our issues and you yours. I’d much rather stick it out with you than without, everything special we’ve been through and will continue is priceless.

And to everyone Sharing this journey with me, thank you! Thanks for all the memories and good times, rage quits and broke phones! :green_heart:

Here’s to hoping for many more years together! :sauropod::t_rex::snake::bear:


I’m pretty sure the alliances are the only thing keeping a lot of us in the game. Nobody in my city plays, and if I had to plod along trying to do this alone without anyone to raid with or build sancts with or even just commiserate with, I would have dropped this game years ago. I’ve met a lot of great people through my alliance and co-op.


Alliances definitely make it more worthwhile. I agree, doing this alone would be awful, I’d have definitely quit.


This was well, ludia gets too much hate nowadays.

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I disagree here. I don’t think Ludia gets hate but rather constructive criticism on many subjects here. I rarely see an invalid point on this forum. But they often don’t get credit for what they have done well. And I agree that alliances is what they have done the best in this game. A great implementation of a gaming dark pattern (social obligation) but it does work and many of us are still playing just because of that. The PvP section is good as well even though there are some known issues discussed at length here.