We just not gonna talk about the "VIP store"?

So to what boost interest in VIP, which is should do more for 10 a month, you introduce a store that is not only not discounted really, but has 1 crappy incubator (that is the exact same price for non-VIP), an overpriced incubator, and a $50 offer… Wow I feel so loved as a VIP… It’s here spend more money we don’t have enough… How about actual beneficial items, like FIPs (for HC and not the $2 a week trainer bundle) or half price incubators…


all it shows for non VIP people is a banner. i was tempted to purchase a month to see what was up, but i thought better and asked those on the forum first. glad i did.


I had VIP for months, then realized it offers so little that it really isn’t worth it.

Cancelled it and don’t miss it.

The ONLY advantage is darting…and with the addition of proximity spawns, that takes the wind out of the VIP darting advantage.

The “VIP Store” has been a joke. I bet they laugh while sitting in the Tiki space at Ludia. (yes, they have a Tiki space there)

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this thread deleted for revealing intimate insider VIP details.


I doubt that, they’ll probably look at it as a way to encourage people to sign up for VIP… I mean if they think this is a good store… :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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Absolute money grab, I’m cancelling mine now. Ludia I’ve been VIP since it was available to support you, but the game is dull, no value in spending the money, and still you try and milk us dry.


And they took down the VIP store…

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i still see the banner for it.

But they had it up. It’s not fraud…you joined, they advertised a special perks in the VIP store for members…and now it’s gone.

Oh, my. That’s funny…if it wasn’t so slimy.

“Yo dawg, I heard you like spending money. So we put in an extra store so you can pay while you pay!”


I’m VIP because I apparently don’t value my money. There are literally only two benefits:

  • wider range to dart
  • bigger rewards from supply drops, however, you cap out just like you would without VIP, but faster.

There’s been a “free” daily VIP incubator in the shop that we haven’t ONCE been able to open, because it always just says “product unavailable.” Support just brushed it off.

The cost of incubators is INSANE, never mind the dark UI/UX patterns they used so that users might accidentally buying something.


What is that?

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This vip exclusive offer is a joke…not worth it…incubators still same price…


Hey, at least we know they’re trying to make VIP more worth it. Let’s just see what the future brings us.

I vote for a specific dino inc a month. doesn’t necessarily have to have coin, just the dna. that should make it a bit more worth it.
500 epic dna a month would be amazing. (has to be more than 200 epic to make it worth it.)



I never get VIP for the deals or the extra from supply drops or any of that. I just do it because it allows you to dart so much more and so much better. I’d be happy if they removed all features of VIP except darting and drone range and lowered the price to $5 USD

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They idiots who pay to win help them out. The rich help the rich.

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…and the poor that don’t know any better, with credit cards.


Today’s is 500 Irritator dna for $10… so yea cash grab…

any for epic titanoboa
(granted someone would’ve said something by now anyway)