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We lose more trophies than we win?



I just realised that we lose more trophies than we win. Is this happened to others too?

If this is true then its really messed-up and needs to be fixed. Ludia really expect people to win 67%+ battles to stay at same trophy count? Ridiculous


I already noticed this without tournaments. It’s like you fought tooth and nail to claim 28 trophies and the next battle you lose, they deduct 30 trophies. :cry:

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Same happening here losing 33, gaining 23.

That’s why I don’t understand why there are extra arena’s by far the most people have the same dinosaur deck so they keep bouncing in the same range. Only the top 500 players are getting in these new arena’s.

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It depends on your matchup. If you lose against a player with lower trophy count than you, you lose more points than against a higher trophy player. Same the other way around, a higher trophy player gains you more points than a lower one if you win against him.


I see. Seems like the same kind of system in place for certain online fighting games.

Sounds logical and fair.


It’s the mechanism of most elo like matchmaking system to ensure nice balance.

One thing you miss too is that they are bots that give away trophies (and that’s why top players can have so much trophies). Of course you need to beat them abut they are not as strong as they used to be :sweat_smile:


I get frustrated with this, picked my lowest dinos in the deck and headed to battle.
Three arenas lower now and I can choose when I want to win or lose.
Picked a mix of high and low level dinos for my play team.
It’s the only way I’ve found to make this fun anymore.
I get to play with weird common dinos.
Also provides entertainment for those in badlands that haven’t fought specific dinos…lol.
Kind of entertaining for me when they almost win, and you throw in a real tank… “Oh, you almost won there…hahahaah.”


Hi, I am the mother of spreadsheet :sweat_smile: I realized that I felt like loosing more than win cause I was fighting for the incubators, so when I managed to win all the 4 battles I made just 4 fights, but when I went on a loosing streak, I did maybe 7-10 fightings to fill the incubators and this is the reason why it seems to loose more then win.
It is about a week that I am doing an experiment, fighting exactly 10 times a day, not caring about incubators, and this is my result so far

So as you can see, I am slowly climbing the arena in this method and I realize what is the path I am doing.

Hope this helps :wink: