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We lost a member who uninstalled the game


Sad that he had almost 4200 trophies and just got frustrated. Laker Dinos on the Ark has an opening.


I’m sorry to hear that. Most my friends also got frustrated and quit because of loss after loss in PVP. I recently made a post that I think they should make it so you can still get an incubator after about 3 losses or one win.
It would help casual players who really don’t like PVP much but still want exclusive dinosaurs like irritator.


Next time tell them to give you their DNA on the way out.


Hi there,

When Alliances were a new ‘thing’ I started my own (Raging Raptors) but so far have not been in luck with how active the other players are compared to me. I’ve solo-ed the first two stages, but I will probably not be able to move beyond the 3rd. So if there is still room within your Alliance, I would do my best to contribute! I’m level 16, my current score is 4303 and my code is #7233.

Thank you for considering me, Nes(=also my username)


hello. dont give up. there are many resources you can use to fill up your alliance!


We are full again, all is good!


Glad to have you :blush: