We need 2v2 and 3v3 battles!

Seriously, now that there are group abilities, shouldn’t there be places you can utilize them for a group of creatures other than raids? I mean, creatures like Bajatonodon are useful in raiding, but not in pvp battling.


I believe these would be on their roadmap.


i thought that this was going to be how 1v1 battles were done like all four dinos are out. i believe they will make 2v2’s because they have copied battle royale in many aspects. i would also like for their to be a raid version and pvp version for every dino. raid version would be used for raids and 2v2’s while pvp would be used for 1v1’s and tourneys

I think 2v2 pvp and stuff would cause major frustration because it’s already anoying enough when somone meses up the raid, pvp could be worse, and the game barley conects 4 players again AI idk how good would it be at conecting more then 4 ppl together

I think 2v2 and 3v3 should be with people in your alliance, because then it would probably be more well coordinated. You would battle other alliances in some sort of tournament.

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I like that idea. Almost like a play-off then Championship

If it was on the map then spawning would be completely demolished. I’d listen to the Proclaimers for 500 miles :wink:

It can be one player controlling two creatures at the same time.

“their roadmap”, not “map”

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It’s a great idea but I think the current problem is figuring out how trophies would be accounted for since some people would have trouble co-operating and others would find ways/already have ways to have great teamwork and communication between each other (they already know each other/online servers). Not to mention that people already dispute and argue on how the raid chat needs to be setup, having more of a reason to fix it up before doing co-op battles.

What do you mean by that, if not the actual map?

Saying that it’s probably already part of their plan:


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Got it, thanks :slight_smile: