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We Need 4 Minion Raid Bosses - Better We Need Dungeons!

I got to thinking, after looking at the new line up we can assume Hadros Lux and Grypolyth each have two minions just based on the movesets. Pyrritator most likely has one minion and Tyrannosaurus Rex none. It seems to be a trend and that’s fine…

But what if we had one weaker Raid Boss like say… Diplovenator with very very low Health, but it’s got four badass minions. I just wanted to know what others thought about a Raid Boss, being weaker for fairness and balance, being able to swap out minions so only two active, but two in holding. This would make Swap Prevention based dinosaurs have a role in Raids such as Stygidaryx. That’s the idea. So Diplovenator with Thoradolosaur, Trykosaurus, Phorusaura and Touramoloch as minions.

You know this could also mean having eight players go in and swap out as well. I feel like there has to be a way to get more players an Incubator with more Raids. Bigger Strike Teams and expanded Raids may be the answer. As someone who loves to run Dungeons in other games I would love to see more expansion. When are we going to see multiple Raid Bosses? A Raid Boss, a group of minions and then a Raid Boss with two minions. You know how big MMORPGs have Dungeons with multiple adds and a string of mini bosses then a mega boss.

No one wants Expansion? Maybe I want a Dungeon then because Raid means something different where I come from. So I’m lobbying for Jurassic World Alive Dungeons!

We are good with Raids, but a Dungeon would provide a much better endgame experience.