We need a Goat


I think that scents are nice, to attract dinos nearby that we don’t see… but I think we need a goat… or a flare.

It would be to attrack the nearby dinos that we CAN see, making them closer and possibly within range. Those inside the normal radius would be closer so we could get a little more DNA darting them, and those outside the radius, but visible on the map would be attracted to our location.

It could be something like the scents, that have 5 and 20 minutes in duration, but something like attract 5 meters, 25 meters, 50 meters and to location.

Users with mobility issues, weather problems or just plain lazy would use it, and it could be sold for hard cash.


When you talk about goat, do you mean me? People refer to me as goat and I refuse to be eaten by dinos.


Of course I mean you. You were not supposed to see this.


greatest of all time?

yep, thats User1.


Could the dinos that are attracted to the flare (or goat) also start attacking and eating each other while we try to dart them?


Too bad @Christiano but I saw it! No way I will be easily used from now on. I might have been before I saw this :thinking:

@Julien_Mayfair exactly


I like you.


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we also need an hourglass and someone who plays trumpet


You should know I have a goat, an actual real life goat, and a 1994 Ford Explorer, and the combination of owning those two things makes me very happy.


What is wrong with snow? :thinking: it tastes so good especially if someone has been super nice and poured a little lemon flavor there.



Maybe not flares, then…







You people that flagged this post, surely have no sense of humor.