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We need a new amphibian + my idea

Ludia, please give us a new strong and ugh in attack hybrid amphibian, we have the balanced one (ostapo) and the tanky one (gorgo), unlike other class dinos we are missing one high in attack.

It would made a lot of economic logic since everyone would love to have a cool amphibian strong dino, just as almos everyone loves metrias and segnos.

For example, it could be a mix between triceratops gen 2, and how about bringing for the second part sarcosuchus gen 2, one of the biggest crocs. Economically speaking a lot of people would put money on having the sarco gen 2, and this new expensive hybrid that would give high end players also something to do.

Stats wise it could be pretty much like metria stats, but with armomata price.

Here is just an ugly drawing I made at my work (sorry for my poor drawing technique) but I hope it helps for example purposes of what it would look a pretty cool dino with high attack.

What do you think guys? What would be your creation?

This would be called the “Tricesuchus”


If I saw something like this I would definetely run the exact opposite way. Dear lord. A carnivore eater herphibian, how lovely. Even IRex herself, would learn the meaning of “fear” immediately after seeing such a thing. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


For sure it’s a monster haha the only thing that would make it cooler it would be spitting flames hahahahaha


gryposuchus would work pretty well


I was also dreaming of a shybrid with ostaposaurus or koolaid
Maybe a gryposuchus and parasaurolophus gen 2 hybrid


You are right and already have high attack stats


Or adding a pair of wings. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Stats lvl 40
Health: 6023
Attack: 5360
Ferocity: 23175

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noice hybrid

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Exactly what I was thinking, it would be an indonominus and Indoraptor eater

Yep. Like @Cagkan_Coskun said:

Indominus fears this thing. It kills indoraptor in 2 hits. 2nd dino to do that after metriaphodon


I want Spinogryposuchus amphib and give it the model/animation of indoraptor.

lvl 1-10 stats similar to lvl 1-10 Spinotasuchus but it wouldn’t tank off with further evolutions like Spinotasuchus, It would hold steady, end up somewhere in the 4.5k attack range at lvl 40, 8.5 health IDK? something like that.

A boy can dream


That would be an awesome dino to have