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We need a new migrations - Parks rule?


So if you look at spawn mechanics you will notice 1 major thing. Locals have 12 to 13 spawns or types of dinos. This includes 4 epics per local.

Parks have 21 types of dinos!!! Including 6 epics!!! This is madness considering most parks have 1 or 2 points of interest which means very little spawns happen in parks. What kind of crazyness is this?

Thats not to mention Global spawns of which drown out the spawn rates in parks. We have 17 globals. We dont even need nodapatosaurus he is truly an epic blocker!

So what should be done? I for one feel that park spawns should be made global or we have a proper rebalancing. I feel I will never find anky even with epic scents. This is challenging because we are becoming more reliant on special events, incubators, strike towers and scents and hunting is being stifled. I wont even hunt in l4 as it has become trash except for spino.

So what should be done to properly balance spawns?

Obv dinos love grass but i have parks all around me that are not counted as parks…


Ludia is well aware of the outrage from its players regarding park spawns.

The only thing that can be done is for Ludia to listen and rectify what they’ve done. There have been many threads dedicated to the ridiculousness of park spawns, so all thats left is for Ludia to fix it themselves in good faith to its customers.

But, I wouldn’t hold your breath. People complained about it after 1.5 then Ludia doubled down and made it WAY worse with 1.6


Couldnt they add an alogorithm into parks to increase suplys drops by 25% and add a spawn or 2 to each drop. That way parks would be attractive to a jw player


They could, but that still leaves a lot of people (including myself) up the creek without a paddle.

I have no playable parks where I live. At least not in winter. And I know Im not alone in that aspect.

Parks make up such a small portion of the playable map that its not right to have so many creatures isolated to them. General hunting in the local zones would be much more fun if they took half the dinos trapped in parks and added 3 of them to each of the local zones. That still leaves 9 park specific creatures (which is plenty) and makes local hunting more fun.


Yeah that would be much fairer. They shouldnt isolate their playerbase soo much. I have to travel 6 to 9 miles to get to a decent park but theres not many spawns


Yeah its totally unfair and not a good route to take for Ludia. I’m guessing they did this to get more people to spend money on scents but what they fail to realize is many of us cant even use scents in parks. I’d literally have to trespass, and trudge around through a foot of snow for 20 minutes to use an epic scent…yeah, no thanks Ludia.


Oosh, though i know some who would do that. Ludia needs to fix this. Anky, tenont, darwin, steggy. Key dinos that makes up the bread and butter of half our teams.

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betting park spawn today and got 5 baryonyx…i am tired of it


I ve been thinking about this too and I found out that it would be fairer to switch the local weekly or monthly.

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I live in zone 4 and it’s gotten really bad…only things good there now is Spino and Parasauralophus…I cant spell that one …