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We need a Raid Leech Ability for Friends So We Can Leech New Lobbies From Idle Friends Busy

I am sick of having to wait for my friends to come out of Raids, especially when some are 3 and 4 Rounds and… they may want to retry. Instead of waiting to get a hand off (and some people are very very selfish with lobbies especially when it comes to hand offs) I would love to see it set up to where as long as you are friends and the person you are friends with is both online and in range of a Raid, you can see which are in their range and without ever bothering them you can simply leech a brand new lobby off of them with a press of a button.

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It would be cool if we could do that, but I hope it doesn’t get abused.

People not spiraling raids is kind of dumb tho. It takes almost no time, so it is a little unreasonable

How abused? I think some are confused. I made a recent thread that someone claimed the idea could be abused, but it really couldn’t. It was this: Can We Get Auto-Scheduling for Alliance Requests? and @Carnokiller1 thought it was abusive, but there is literally no way to abuse that nor this that I can see. It’s just passing off a lobby.

The game is an AR gam e and while yes, you can spiral, it’s cheesing raids when your supposed to go out and get it. COVID is still a thing on some places, but for ur most part people can go out now

Yeah, but you usually get three of one and only one of another. Some work and they don’t rotate out enough. And think about those who live in bad areas and can’t go out late. There needs to be more convenient way of doing what we’re going to do anyway. They aren’t outlawing passing so why not make it easier? Why should others have an easier time being lazy the same? Seriously just it also stops selfish people from stalling with passing.

I agree with this a lot! Helps with the days like this where you don’t get either raid boss.

Yes! And ideas that overall help the solo players are best when they simultaneously take nothing away from us who are already doing this. PUGs need love too. I just don’t do them.