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We need a Stat Boost Reset and Split Stat Allocation for Arena vs Raids just like Strike Team Saves

Why only have us able to save specific Strike Teams for Arena, Strike Towers and Friendly Battles? Why not let Stats be split so we can have a dinosaur built for Arena when going into Arena, but built for Raids when going into Raids?

Some stats are not as needed in one like the other. I vote we get another reset and that they allow separate allocation depending on the mode. You can even do it for Campaign if you want.


Great idea. Ludia listen pls


That’s genius

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I appreciate the support. I don’t know when the next update is, but maybe if we push they really will consider doing this. It’s not asking for anything extra as far as resources, but simply taking something they already have sort of implemented as far as having one feature be multifaceted and benefiting the entire community fairly. Besides it’s rare you have an idea everyone can agree on and that’s mutually beneficial.

Well I guess there goes the next update. Maybe 2.5? Can we get a petition going on this idea? We seriously need it.