We need a story mode

Due to beta being introduced to the game we should add LORE LIKE IN THE DREAM SMP of beta and other dinosaurs also @ludia please add this it will make the game explode.


Please no, especially not dre… Im not even going to say it. Also why now with beta? Weve had plenty of dinosaur characters in the game for years, like the raptor pack and bumpy. Also this, THIS is your first post? :skull:


If you want lore just watch/play everything else that has the jurassic world/park franchise slapped on it


Did you know most of the creature descriptions have a bit of lore in them?

Also out of all the examples why the Dream SMP? You could literally mention other games that have lore including that one horror game with complicated lore(FNaF duh)


How about you just make it yourself? Or if you want a Ludia Dinosaur Story Game, you just click on one of the other two Ludia Jurassic World games and actually read what the people say.

Also jwa already has a lot of lore

Just read the descriptions on some of the creatures


FNaF literally has the most complicated lore of all time. GameTheory has tried to piece it together multiple, multiple times. He can’t do it lol

meanwhile Markiplier solves UCN lore in three seconds

That’s just mark being mark. Don’t question it lol

How would a story mode even work in this game? Wouldn’t it just be campaign but different? There isn’t really any explanation done here.

So, uh, as a fan of the dream smp, that just, would not work… you can’t just slap a lore filled story into a game like this, in part because there aren’t really any characters, just animals, and the gameplay doesn’t lend itself well to a story with lore either. Let’s look at FNAF, because everyone knows how much lore it’s got. Those games can fill themselves with lore, in part because there’s individual games, each seperated into 5-6 nights… or 1 night in the case of sb. Essentially, this allows for events/lore that can be given a concrete place, and time. Meanwhile, there’s this game. No concrete time or place for basically anything other than what happens in the movies, and maaaaaybe something stated in a description, like with antarctovenator being an invasive species. Also, let’s go back to the dream smp, shall we? There we have people playing minecraft, treating it as a stage for a play if you will. How would that work with this game? Simply put, it wouldn’t. Basically any lore that exists needs to be drawn from the movies, as it’s the only place where solid lore could be given. This is somewhat shown with another, very similar game: pokemon go. Basically any semblance of background is tied to that franchises main games, with elements like ultra wormholes, mega evolution, etc…

Basically, what I’m trying to say:

1- lore like the dream smp is impossible as this game cannot act as a stage, unless you’re using ar mode, but even then, very limited, too limited for something like the dream smp
2- The game in general does not lend itself to lore, as it doesn’t have the structure to support a story very well
3-Similar games have proven that lore has to essentially be from whatever the original franchise is, with anything extra needing to be small

Also the only thing that’s gonna explode is my phone trying to play this game if thus ever comes out

My phone can barely run this game let alone a new gamemode

And somebody could create lore for it like they did with FNaF, and create a comic for it

Please no
10 chars


I personally like the freedom to do what I want, when I want. I DELETED JWtG. Do this, do that, turn around and do it all over again.

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