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We need a unique with 75% distract

Out of all the dinos in the game, we only have 2 with Debilitating Distraction - Erliko 2, and Erlikogamma.

Considering how widespread resilients are, why not give us a unique (or even a legendary) with it? It would probably help against the Thor complaints, because 75% distraction would help immensely with that darn instant charge.


Give it to the snakes! Boas with an instant-debilitating distraction to simulate their lightning-fast strikes in real life. Heck, it could also simulate the Dilophosaurus venom as it works in the hybrid line of the boas.

(I’m only being half-serious. I do think the snakes need more and I like the Instant strike idea for them.)

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Didn’t erlikospyx have it at one point?

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stop overbuffing dinos when things we need to counter Thor are. 1: no immunity to No Escape
2. no resistance to bleed.

I think we still need to buff cunning creatures, thor is the main problem but cunning is currently getting wrecked in the resilient meta anyway

An on escape move would work too.

Best would be a debilitating cunning move which does 75% distract + crit removal for 2 turns at the start, and also an instant distraction move that lasts 2 turns. Main point about beating thor is that distraction + crit removal (ie cunning) should last more than a turn for the effect to be good
Cautious strike used to be awesome against thor but the meta wrecked it totally and it’s rarely used now which enables the abusive usage of thors. Speaking of cautious I think they should add more creatures with cautious moves or at least change some creature’s move to cautious.
Maybe they should also make all dodge moves to 100% while cloak stays 75% so dodge would be more effective and less rng

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A unique with 75% distraction coming right up

Where is the 75% Move? I see Venomous Counter and a bunch of other things, but the counter must activate upon being hit.

Accidantelly uploaded the wrong file

here it is

Ok. I would take away Taunt resistance myself. It hurts the creature more than it helps.

Yeah, any taunt resistance besides 100% or 0% is bad, because then you don’t know what dino you’re going to target. And taunt immunity on fierce dinos is bad because then they might not target the taunter to remove the taunt. It may or may not be fine on a cunning though.

Remove the taunt resistance