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We need a way to block opponents

I just faced a guy with a level 27 Tragodistis and Level 26 Dracoceratops. My average team level is 21. Can I find a way to block him so that I never have to deal with him as an arena dropper ever again?

I want to block anyone with a better team than me because I feel sad when I lose a match.


I had gone a good three months on my main account, only battling once a month to get my trophy’s to show. In that period of time, team strength and player level in Lockwood Estate dropped from level 24-25 team average level 20 players with teams boosted to around 5-5-5 down to level 18-21 team average level 15 to 18 players. I’m starting to play again now (and moving up slowly) using some creatures more boosted and higher level than those I am playing against. You may just be running into some players like me who just only battle once in a while. I had pretty much stopped PvP because I was sick and tired of battling rats every other battle. It just got stupid. Now I can one shot those rats again. I am 55 trophy’s from Aviary, the highest I’ve ever been but I’ve lessened my team average down from 24.875 down to 22.75. I have 4 new unique’s now. The three teams I played today and won were 18.5, 19.5 and 21.875. I got rid of my 26 Utasinoraptor but left my 24 Thor to be my highest.

Now my 2nd account where I do play regularly, the same thing is going on in the mid level arenas. I was just barely holding my own in lower Badlands with my level 15-16 non boosted teams in early summer and now with those same teams, I rose up through Badlands, into Lockdown and getting close to breaking into Sorna Marshes. I’m playing the same level teams and players but we as a whole are more than 500 trophy’s on average higher.

I’m not sure the dynamics of this but I think a lot of older players have quit and have made room for new players to rise higher with lower teams.

i dont think he was an arena dropper. its the start of a new season. things are always rough at the start

Let me fix this for you.
I want to block anyone who hops on and wastes my time for an easy win because I’m finding myself with less time to commit to this game.
Stop assuming that this is because I can’t take a loss. I can, I’m just tired of spending five minutes on battles that I had no chance of winning in the first place.
Though upon thinking about this further, I can see the can of worms it would open up. Let me know if you think of a better solution for the gripe at hand.

Thanks for your atypically thoughtful reply.
You might be right. I only do the PvP for the incubators. Perhaps this is just me venting frustrations but the truth of it is this:
Some of the DNA I need is arena exclusive. I go into the arenas to get them. I get slaughtered by players sitting 5+ levels higher than me and end up taking an hour+ to fill four incubator slots when I was hoping for about half that time. This is a lousy dynamic, and if you have a better solution, I’d be welcome to hear it.

Simple solution: if you don’t enjoy playing the game, don’t play.


New season just started, they dropped the top players, reset their trophy counts.

Trophies are essentially a currency, as there is more or less a finite quantity (~you win 30 trophies, your opponent’s trophy count is diminished by 30 trophies.) When Ludia retracts so many trophies from the top teams, the top teams take them from everyone below to get ahead. this IS how it works.

This bunches everyone up and makes matchmaking a… crap fest.

Why Ludia does this is beyond me, it’s infuriating. It affects players throughout the entire game over time by pushing everyone down a few notches for a duration of time. It’s one of the reasons so many players refuse to participate in arena.


This seems off. You should win as many battles as you lose, so it would always take about 8 battles on average to fill your 4 slots. If it’s 10 battles, then maybe tomorrow it’s 6.

A concede Button will be nice.So we can declare our defeat and move on to our next opponent.


Resetting trophies is the best way to make it possible every season can be won by someone else… if they didnt the winner of the last months ladder would have a head start this month. Not to mention after multiple seasons noone outside the top 500 would ever break the top 500…regardless if they had improved their team and were better players the trophy gap would be to big.

And for the record Ludia had nothing to do with thinking up this idea… they simply borrowed the best solution to the above problem thats been used in ladder based games for years now. Its always rough the first week after a reset.

This cant be implemented as is because people can feed other people wins ie give a person a seasonal win. People used to argue it couldnt be done due to not knowing your opponent… until the spoofer alliance almost won it using a similar tactic.


They could very simply have a separate competition in which you can opt-in.

They could call these things tournaments…

But no, they opted to do both the things and screw those that don’t like the seasonal competitions.

They have those its called tournaments… this games playerbase is to small to make the seasonal format match making pool smaller. The only way you could possibly make match making any worse then it has been is to make the pool of possible opponents smaller then it already is.

Well, maybe it wouldn’t be so small of a playerbase if…

If they didnt use the same exact seasonal ladder based system as one of the most popular and successful mobile game ever? Theres lots of reasons for this games pop issues. Copying a games ladder system whose player base rivals pogo is not one of them.

And as i said this ladder based system is tried and true industry standard for ladder based gameplay… like the company they borrowed it from borrowed it from someone else.

You can make the arguement for a non-ranked battle system where you can complete dailys, obtain incs and the like through non-ranked play as some games that use this system… but again this games pop issues come into play and match making will be even worse for both ranked and unranked.

There is a difference from not enjoying the matchmaking and not enjoying the game. This is a case of Machmakingsucksetitus.

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Not to be confused with Doesntknowhowtoplaytitus

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The catch I see here is that somebody would be able to arena-drop quicker, so it would incentivize that.

Ah, but the 15 min incubator I just count as a gimme. At 3 bills to open, I never let it sit.

I honestly dont see why someone who cared about their team would arena drop to earn less boosts per day… over the period of a week it starts to add up… plus with team based match making and trophies your gonna have to spend some time there.