We need an incentive for walking!


The one thing this game is missing is an incentive to walk with the app open.
Dinos and supply drops are nice, but having a reward tied to a pedometer encourages you to keep the app open and playing even when you didn’t plan on it, not to mention, it feels good to have a goal you can work on by playing actively.

Some suggestions would be having a buddy system where you can gather DNA from a specific dinosaur, lootboxes that only open with distance and random rewards upon walking every so many steps.

Dinosaurs already seem to appear more often while you’re walking, so it may be an issue of not letting the player know there’s a benefit to walking around rather than there not being one. Maybe adding a notification that there are increased encounters after traveling a certain distance would help.

Thanks for working on such a fun game!


This would be great if implemented


Well unfortunately the reduction in supply drops also hurts walking by a lot. Pre-update there were way more supply drops and i could go on an evening walk for 2 hours every day. Unfortunately due to the reduction some parts of the walk dont contain supply drops anymore (it literally got halved) which makes me catch less dinosaurs since i want to save them up for rares or epics every time my dart count drops low.

I agree they indeed appear more often when walking; i felt like the same happened to me. Unfortunately for rural areas this will never be decently possible again unless either dart cap increases (for VIPs), more supply drops are added (again, as it was before) and/or more ways to gain more darts on the go. Once you go by bike or something faster you’re pretty much full all the time so there is absolutely no issue here.

Active play should definitely be promoted way more; the increased spawn rates already help out by a lot. Buddy system is cool; instead of time being the metric they could also change to walk x km / feet like in PoGo to open up an incub / gain extra DNA for a dinosaur (especially rare+).

Some kind of quest could also be added; add dinosaur X for X amount of times, walk for x km / feet,… To give active gameplay an additional reward and incentive to actually go outside vs waiting for arena incubators. Quests can change monthly and need to be adjusted according region or time; certain dinosaurs never spawn in certain regions so maybe add the general topic: catch X amount of therapods. Similar as in PoGo again but it really is a good system; and why change or deny something thats working really good!?

I’ve also thought of random excavation sites along the way which - again similar like the PoGo gyms but this is specifically for dinosaurs only. They contain rare or epic+ dino Dna once you complete some kind of archeology minigame OR you have to kill some kind of dinosaur first and excavate it afterwards. This could also be a Hybrid if you’re lucky! Again something that makes ‘on the go’ so much more exciting; key words definitely are local (everyone can get to them, not in certain very popular areas only), fun and educational. Add some cool dinosaur traits when you’re excavating, for example. Perhaps the better your level; the better excavations you can access / do to limit very good DNA slightly to higher levels only, similar like the arenas which require good dinosaurs if you want to climb. Good levels reward you with good excavation sites!

Theres so much to do really…!

Features that could take this game to the next level

A simple idea would be to speed up free incubators while walking. I think that would be a nice little bonus. But I’ve always though there should be a pedometer related reward! :heart:


Love all the ideas, particularly excavation sites. The same concept had hit me during my walk home from a nearby train station. That is not only a fun addition to finding more than just dinos and crates, but it add an immersive addition to the experience.


I’m actually glad that it’s NOT like Pokémon GO based too much on walking. Probably one more thing why I often stopped playing it (I’m playing it during the warm months usually).

But some of the ideas are interesting, just don’t make Incubators = Eggs … don’t. And “Buddy Feature” would be kinda stolen.

Oh … and there are indeed more dinosaurs spawning (which you can’t see before) if you move … kinda like that Smoke item in PoGO. I usually get 5-10 Rares per hour walking.


The biggest reasons for me were the lack of end-game content, limitation of supply drops and dividing a large group of players in 4 groups (same with their new game).

Dividing a community never works properly; loads of my friends had other teams which totally broke the fun. Here everyone fights everyone, it doesn’t matter.

Supply drops thats a no-brainer. Who creates an on the go game where you can’t ‘go’ everywhere. Doesn’t make sense. Thanks god Ludia putted back loads of supply drops.

End-game content is more or less battle arena in this game. It is what everyone expects and loves in pokemon games. Intense PvP / PvE and skill-based battles. Thats why this game has a huge trait because of that. You can come home and do something; in PoGo you close the app, in JWA you can still do battles, incubators,… Tap battles don’t make me exciting.

But imo the entire point of an ‘on the go’ game is about walking, going by bike,… So i am pretty surprised no incentives are given for walking actual KMs/feet or anything really. Thats exactly the point of an on the go game; or else i just stick with clash royale-type of games: Timed incubaters, battle arena, skill-based matchups,… It is all there and after a month & half-ish of gameplay i only do the event if it has epics and battle arena. Going outside doesn’t reward me enough except if good epics spawn in events since i know what i’ll get.

The ‘GO’ part of JWA currently makes not a lot of sense and it feels more like clash royale than PoGo. You want to gather primary resource outside? It has a max cap. The event works like a charm; yet again is severely limited. For epics / rares i spend max. 10 minutes in the park while i need 30 - 60 minutes to go there initially. Whats the point of having ‘on the go’ features when everything is constantly limited when you actually go outside? I do like timed incubators but spending 2h+ outside doesn’t make me achieve more than players who just sit at home, wait / pay for incubators and do battle arena. Sure i get random rares or even epics but im still stuck with a gold limit to the point i currently can evolve 40+ dinosaurs and still trying to gain more gold for only 1 level up because it is that expensive. That dino is only level 20; the max is 30. It has an IMMENSE grind and loads of limitations; that does not make sense and loads of players will reach this point in 2 / 3 weeks unless you pay for additional gold… But thats not the point of an ‘on the go’ game?

It is exactly the entire JWA concept that rewards pay 2 progress more over play the on the go game. Who is going to spend an entire month maxing out on gold just to level up your entire battle dino team once? Currently it isn’t an ‘on the go’ title unlike PoGo and that needs change imo because it is promoted as an on the go title. We need rewards for walking, remove all the limitations (for event; rotate all featured dinos in the park for one week instead of 1 / day, for example) and especially a severe reduction in ‘pay 2 progress’ promotions. Again; it is an on the go game. Why promote so much buy-able dinosaurs especially that expensive. Look at PoGo which is managing just fine with cosmetics and additional tools to use ‘on the go’. No star dust for sale, no pokemons for sale: go outside! THATS an on the go game and JWA is missing the boat completely on that one; it is just an other ‘pay 2 progress’ title for now, which is very unfortunate.


Please stop trying to make this game into another pokemon go. I stopped playing that one because I HAD to walk. Some of us cant always go on walks, so the supply drops being so close or the dinos popping up fairly close to home is nice. Not to mention I can do other things at home while my incubators are just on a timer. And I know I’m not the only one, some people are to busy to just go walking for long periods of time.


Remember seen life hack pedometer videos on Pokémon go, those people we’rent walking! Remember? Ludia is trying to avoid cheater!


I’m cool with the general idea of having a payoff for walking, but not if it’s something that becomes required to do basic functions/gameplay. Maybe something simple like 10 random DNA for every meter/mile. If the reward were anything major, I’d be really annoyed, because as ZvukZao mentioned, not everyone has time or opportunity to walk.