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We need an other arena

Now that stat boosts became a thing the playerbase seems to be litterally divided in who loves them and who doesn’t. I think that introducing a new type of arena, with all dinosaurs set all to level 26, with no trophies and most of all with no stat boost allowed, could bring some kind of benefit to the game in this status. Let the people choose how to use their dinos. Stat boost are not going to diversify the meta like i was thinking initially, just because how they were implemented. They are an extension of normal levels. People are gonna boost their best dinos and not gonna try to use something different, it would be nonsense to try some dinos with no boost in an arena full of boosted dinos.
What do you think? To me would be fantastic


Mate, after spending 1000s of hours I’m not interested of having all my dinos at a fixed level.

1000s of hours is soon gone.

To hunt dinos have NO PURPOSE AT ALL NOW!

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Good idea but many Dino need to be a different level to battle effectively. A level 26 Monolometrodon is worthless in a field of other level 26. It needs to be several levels higher. Example: mine is level 26 and it battles well on the same team with a level 21 magna. So there would still be many dino that would not make the cut at even levels. At least not with my battle abilities.

I agree, that’s a point. But my suggestion was to add this kind of battles: like friendly battles but not only with friends, like a sort of arcade mode. And not in substitution of the normal arena. It would be only an other option in addition to what we have now.

So many passionated and great players in this forum!

The game have tons and more potential to be great!

Their short term money is more important then the long term happiness.

I wish this game could be as great everyone else hope!



Oh, I didn’t realize there was already a thread for this. I should have just gave this a like instead of creating a second thread on this subject. This has my support!

I’d be happy with a separate arena where you just played against AI.

The point of my proposal was only and exclusively this: to have an effective possibility to play with creatures different from what we have in our main teams. And if this means to have a permanent A.I. option that can be chosen, with no trophy count and no incubator reward i would be totally ok with that. Indeed, thinking about it, playing against A.I. by choice could be the perfect solution. The fact that i would like an equal set up at level 26 is to have a fair battlefield and understand well every matchup and gain a better knowledge of our creatures. But if A.I. would respect team levels and dinos i would be ok with that. What i desire is to have the possibility to play with different dinos without many problems, without thinking of coins to level them up, without thinking about my trophy loss and so on. Like a practice mode, something like that.
And aside from friendly battles, because it’s difficult to find someone who plays more than one battle. And who cares of just one battle, i would like something that i can do constantly.

I agree. A Tournament arena, pvp boosted arena with trophies and all, and a pvp arena no boosts.