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We need an update where we can have more than 140 Darts if we earn them! Please!


I already have 140 most of them time, and I’ll get hundreds and thousands more and it will never say 150/140. Most games let you get extra if you earn them. It’s ridiculous to me.


The 140 refers to darts gotten with supply drops & free 6 hour incubators. Darts included in battle incubators &/or special purchases will increase your total count above this limit.
as of this writing, there appears to be a bug that causes this total to delay its onscreen display accurately.
In my case, I’ll spend some time sitting under a nearby S.D. & after I reach 140 darts, I go into battle. I can see that the incubators are awarding darts to me yet the total stays frozen at 140. But then, as I’m darting dinosaurs, it correctly updates to the proper total after returning to the menu screens. For example, I’ll begin a chase showing 140 darts, shoot 8 darts. & lower this total to 132, but then immediately after returning to the menu screens, the total corrects to an accurate number (which is usually over 140 darts).
I admit that (like you) I was also concerned when I first noticed this, but after seeing the subsequent corrections, I realize that it’s just a low priority bug fix which they’ll eventually work out.
May your darts be always accurate.