We Need Another New Arena & Trophy Cap Increase


A lot of high-ranked players are dropping out of Jurassic Ruins to get easy wins down in Sorna Marshes and farm DNA from battle incubators.

There actually needs to be another super-high Arena for all the crazy players at the elite top. Almost everyone in the Top 500 right now has 5,000 trophies and in a week or two everyone in the Top 500 will have 5,000 trophies. Two new arenas are necessary and a trophy cap increase.

It happened faster than I thought it would happen. Over the last few days the cost to get into Top 500 went up another 200 trophies from 4200 to 4400 which is actually a faster increase than it was moving at previously which was more like 200 trophies in a week. I’ve been chasing it hard so I’m keenly aware of this number as it is a moving target for me.

All this is why I believe we need another new arena so those highly ranked players can be in it already and battle for the new trophy cap and all us fledglings down here can battle each other for the glory.

Thanks for reading. Please check out my YouTube channel Jonno Plays if you want to see my battles to get into Top 500. I was there for a while but when the new Jurassic Ruins arena came out the Top 500 raced to 4,000 trophies and has been creeping up ever since at a high rate. It shows a high interest and healthy competition in the game.

Also I just remembered that trophies are getting reset and none of this matters woops lol


Agreed. I feel like I’ll never be in the top 500 with the current cap.


Is it just me or dose none of the unique DNA ever happen?

i have yet to see a single stand of Sinoceratops DNA and I’ve been at the top tier arena for 2 weeks now.


67 out of the top 500 have 5,000 trophies. Definitely not almost everyone.

But a much higher cap and a difference range of about 500 trophies to be paired with someone would definitely allow the spoofers to spoof on (saying that they haven’t been banned) and allow legit players to play on without having to cross paths as often.