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We need hybrids for Alloraptor (Please Ludia make this happen)

I really want hybrids for Alloraptor idc if they’re super hybrids or not I just want hybrids for it
Here’s my idea of an Alloraptor Mega Hybrid and yes I did test it in the Battle Simulator and it lost to Diorajasaur and so I want you guys to make your own Alloraptor hybrids in JWA Toolbox and idc if it’s a Mega Hybrid it just needs to be a hybrid of Alloraptor.


I 100% agree alloraptor needs a hybrid. Allo gen 2 was last months daily creature. Mine is at level 23 and I have over 400 DNA of it waiting for it to get a hybrid. I really want it’s hybrid though to have the raptor animations since we have no unique raptor yet

May as well show this Alloraptor hybrid idea. This is actually my very first custom creature.

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I will agree that alloraptor needs a hybrid but this is WAY to overpowered with those kind of stats


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Hello! I need to say something… creators of Ludia, please fix the indotaurus because his camouflage is useless. every attack passes right through your camouflage

Please fix this. Indotaurus has great potential and cannot be defeated every time it enters the arena.

Armour and crit chance need to be lowered and either health lowered or attack imo

This hybrid has no armor
And it inherited that crit chance from alloraptor

Sorry I meant to reply to original post

  1. This is not even close to what the topic is about
  2. No, it isn’t your just getting unlucky
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