We Need Important Compenents Hybrids

We Need Unique Or Apex Hybrid For Indoraptor Gen 2 And Scorpios Rex (Legendary)

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Why do we need one for Scorpios, there’s already 6 Carnotaurus hybrids, do we really need another one? And for Indo2 I partially agree, as long as it isn’t like Carnotaurus


Because All Legendary Creatures Getting Hybrids Slowly. So Scorpios Only Lonely Is Right?

There’s so many other legendaries that haven’t got hybrids that aren’t already super hybrids like Megalogia or Alankylosaurus


How about instead of indo gen 2 or scorp what about some creatures that need them? Like therizeno, alanky, proceratomimus, or keratoporcus?


Kerato may be getting a apex hybrid, but eh, something easier to get would be 100/10


Yeah But One day Getting Hybrid from legendaries Soon include Scorpios Rex

Atleast Scorpios Rex Get Apex Hybrid

What? Thats absolutely pointless if there’s already 3, and another carno hybrid


Scorpios Rex Is Celebrity Dino from Camp Cretaceous Also Indoraptor Gen 2 is similar to Gen 1 From Fallen Kingdom. So i Asking To Ludia Celebrity Dinos Getting Hybrids First


My bruh it took them four years to add rexy so thats redundant


That’s the worst idea to follow I’m afraid, it’s why we got indotaurus and why indonemys will probably win the apex vote. There’s no need to have a priority towards the tv show dinosaurs. If that was the case where more brachiosaurus hybrids? Where’s the love for Triceratops? What about more pachycephalosaurus hybrids?
We don’t have any unique raptors models yet despite their presence being important in every film? And what about Gallimimus?
The films don’t and should dictate which dinos get a hybrid first.
Give the older legendaries the hybrids they deserve

Sorry for the rant but this “they’re in the movies so they must be put first” idea annoys me



Only exception to this is Rexy

We need another Carnotaurus hybrid like we need a hole in the head :exploding_head:

So many others that need deserve hybrids first!

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There are many legendary creatures that deserves a hybrid more than S-Rex or Indo G².