We need MONKE the world needs him

There are lots of amazing creatures in Jurassic world alive. But I think there are some creatures that needs to be added in jwa. Dinopithecus and gigantopithecus. Imagine how the game would change if ludia added them. It would also create a whole new level of excitement in the game the update could also add some hybrids of these guys. Again,it would be so cool to see them in the game, I am really looking forward to see these majestic creatures in the game . Hopefully this suggestion reaches you. #jurassicworldalive #MONKE


Personally I think these 2 additions would be great for the game

They can both be wildcards and have average hp, slightly above average damage, and average speed

Reject Peckyeyes return to Monke


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and they’ll make a hybrid which is King Kong

Question, Will the monke have tools?

Even better, G U N S

I would like having them. I would also want some small monkeys like apidium as flocks and lemurs like Megaladapis

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I don’t know. Cenozoic creatures are fine but I’d find the addition of primates and the like to be a bit too far. But if it happens, it happens.

Name monkeys that aren’t in ARK. lol JOKE, I don’t mean it personally But yea, monkeys in the game could be cool, however, I’m not the biggest fan of it. Will it happen, probably but will I like it… that I shall see.

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