We need more Amphibian and Snow Hybrids

The best amphibian in the game is… Gorgosuchus. Really? He’s not even that good of a hybrid compared to his counterparts. There are 7 of the exclusive carnivore hybrids, we really need at least 2 more amphibian hybrids to balance out the game a little better. And please make them better than Gorgosuchus.
Also, I feel like Snows aren’t represented very well hybrid-wise, I mean there’s Smithetoceras and that’s it?? We need more! Especially since there are a lot of Cavern creatures.


Dont forget reefs.

The aquatic ferocity scale is seriously broken, at least smithetoceras is a strong hybrid for a snow, leptostega is far too weak for dunkleosaur and megarchelon. We need legendary reef hybrids and tournament reef hybrids.

But yeah also would like a woolly rhino hybrid near the strength of dilophoboa.


Agreed we need more of these hybrids but for some reason ludia doesnt want to add these creatures

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Good point, I guess I just don’t care as much about them. Lol

Since they’re giving hybrids for all gen 2s right now we might get a kapro gen 2 hybrid soon . For snow creatures well Eucladoceros is the only snow creature that has a hybrid in jwa that could be imported with Eremoceros and that would be a cave. Maybe if we get a gen 2 mammoth and tsintaosaurus we get tsintaomoth. Yes we need more reefs. We only have a super rare

but i think eremoceros can be a tourney cave and agreed that kapro gen 2 might get a hybrid soon

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