We need more Cervalces DNA

I know i know that we had cervalces PVP season last time, but we need more Cervalces DNA we got a Lot of bears DNA but where was the posiblity to have a decent quantity of cervalces dna to do a multifusion,

i’m not good in PVP and thats reason why i dont win much DNA this last time, think it a Lot please.


Just vote for it whenever it shows up in a community poll that Ludia sends out. Outside of that there’s nothing that we can really do about it.


i feel what they did with the bear was great now switch it and have the deer in the wild and on the towers for a bit gives mere mortals half a chance at the apex.


@tarot08 Deers was in a lot of events previously
@Persianking44 how to poll in community poll?

Ludia sends out the polls via their social media, on the forums, and in a letter in the mailbox in the game whenever there’s a special event week coming up asking players to vote which creatures they want to dart in the event.

ahh, haven’t saw one tho

Standard way to make money is to give people half of something in the hope they’ll buy the other half. Ludia is here to make money.


I’ve got mine (and the bear) permanently in sanctuary. I think for many of us, that’s the way to go.

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Yes please, I have almost 15k arctodus dna but not even 200 cervacles dna (currently my arctales is lv 21)

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We need it, so we won’t get it.^^

Make that 22k arctodus after this event
Although I am very thankful they are both in the alliance incubators

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umm no it wasnt it was the reward but has never been on the towers and the amount you need to do this apex is huge…now after reading the so called communnity update i,m thinking maybe i should not even bother any more

Yes we need alot more. The bear is everywhere now. No deer to be found.

I would like more cervalaces. We got a cervalaces season with an arctodus pursuit so why not do it the other way around? Arctodus season with a cervalaces pursuit .


at least, we will have the rare deer dna in the mission alliance rewards during two weeks


Im actually really short on epic deer. I’ve found 2 in over 200 miles.

yes, i’m actually shooked ludia put dem apples on the incubs… they’re being generous now :rofl::rofl:

It’s crazy that a few people have unlocked the Apex already! Now about the 99% of the rest of the players… HELP US, LYDIA!

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Even at 5900 trophies, which isn’t terrible, I still haven’t been able to unlock the apex… Only have been able to fuse twice (for a total of 30 dna)…

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