We need more coin!

It’s old news that gaining coin in this game is one of the longest grinds, especially after ludia has nerfed them repeated from stops and incubators. But now with the fusable apex and mega hybrids, the game demands coins even more. We need more ways to get more coins cause this is getting really ridiculous.

As an example, to be able to start fusion of a new apex, you need a level 25 legendary (455000 coin not including fusing costs) and a level 25 unique (300000 coin not including fusing costs). Then take into account the leveling up necessary fusion materials, number of fusion pops and you’re spending easily 1 million coin just to unlock an apex creature. And we max out at what? 35 000 coin a day from stops?

And yes you can counter by saying well you can purchase coin in the store. But what about free to play players or players who don’t feel like dropping hundred of dollars to simply unlock new creatures because the game is cheap with resources.

Point is, there should be a way to earn more coin freely per day (besides donations and incubators) to keep up with this games incredible demand for them.


It’s about coin

It’s about money

We stay happy we keep playing

Put in the money, put in the cash

And we’ll make new dinos

Why did I do this?


Other than the subscription, I’m a F2P player and it’s easy enough to get coins. Incubators, donations and spinning supply drops will net you plenty. It’s a grind but that’s how F2P works. Unlocking those hybrids and the new Apex is meant to be a long time goal.


Doesn’t help when ludia ‘special events’ (eg xmas/new year chace & this weekends one) only give you a small proportion of the usual coins.
Coins are an issue for many players. I’m not in position to be out every day so am only ably to max out the orange supply drops maybe 2/3 days a week, I do all the strike towers I can & donate whatever I’m in a position to, but coins & epic dna (but that’s another issue!!) are what I’m usually waiting on.


But the issue is that the discrepancy between paid players and F2P. While paid players already have the new apex and level 30, F2P players will be waiting months to get it close (at which point ludia will likely Nerf it anyways). And it doesn’t make the game fun but adding it more grind. Yes the game is a grind but it seems it becomes more and more or a grind and less fun. There was never a need to nerf how much coin we got per day, absolutely none

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Coins are not really the problem in this game. At least it is nothing that slows you down after you have played a while (if you do not simply waste them…).

Its the missing boosts that will hold you back.

Personally I would have the DNA to level up nearly every creature to 30. I also would have the coins to level multiple to 30. But what for? What should I do with a level 30 creature without boosts?

I already have leveled dozens of creatures to 30 just for them to sit on the bench and waiting for better times…

And I have never spent any money for coins.


We absolutely don’t get enough for the type of game that Ludia pushing lately. If they want to continue this constant bombardment of new creatures and also release op dinos, nerf them, then release even more up dinos like crooks, they can throw us some extra coin. I not only have to keep up with my arena team, but my tournament team, which require A LOT of coin. I haven’t even leveled up all of my apexes yet since it’s so much coin just for a couple of levels, which by the way, gives a pretty miniscule increase in stats. At a certain point in the game, once your creatures start getting close to being max level, the coin requirements become quite staggering. I can usually save up about 300k coin each week, but what does that really do when a dino with a level in the late 20s cost 150k to 250k per level. I’ll tell you, it’s a couple levels. Not all of my tourney teams are in the high 20s, so I can get a couple extra levels with them, but it always feels like I’m barely doing anything. In the higher arenas, we should get an appropriate amount of coin for winning battles or give us more coin per battle inc. This is a competitive game, but to remain competitive in this game, it requires a whole lot of in game resources, which aren’t adequately obtainable in game by simply playing it. I just wasted minutes of my life typing this out, however, because Ludia is very greedy and does want each player to spend hundreds and hundreds or even thousands of (insert currency). I lost respect for them after these recent debacles involving the nerfs but no boost reset, those login issues with no adequate compensation and others i’m sure. You don’t get much for the money you spend in the game and they don’t provide enough avenues to get resources by grinding in this game compared to others. Most competitive mobile games with teams and such all end up being pay to win, but Ludia is as the top of the list of companies who are trying to take advantage of their players. Honestly, I’m disappointed in myself for still playing this game for all the stuff (wanted to use another word) that Ludia has pulled.


I get the gripe. But I’m F2P by choice and that’s on me for not wanting to invest real money and buy coins. You need to have realistic expectations. The game is possibly the longest grind I have ever encountered in all my years as a gamer. If I’m not going to spend then that’s just the way it is. To all the folk buying coins good for you :slight_smile:


I’m a giant whale and my wife is F2P.
Neither of us has coin issues.
The only real difference is I have Advantage teams that could probably run in Library and her advantage teams are subpar.
If you do the daily stuff as F2P the coins add up

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Special event chases give other players a chance to get other resources. Doing all the supply drops, strike towers give you couple hundred thousand a week. Not to mention donating, battling and incubators from battles. Just have to put in the work.

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Given the pointlessness of the additional bits that they replace 50-75% of the standard coins with that’s a null argument, 5 speed boosts & 200 of basic dna is not compensation for 25/30/40k in coins.
Your comments assumes that all players can complete all strike towers, though I typically can even at my level many can’t. You also assume that all players can be out for hours hitting the roughly 500 orange supply drops you need to max it out every day, again many can’t for any number of reasons. The game discriminates against such players sufficiently enough already, without taking 20-40k out of their pocket every month or two.


Lastly, I play up to 4-5hrs a day and can assure you despite hitting everything I can, donating like a demon, and keeping a constantly full incubator page, I get nowhere near 200k pw

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Maxing out from supply drops is 22,500 a day so that is 157,500 a week. Doing just the 3 Rare and 3 Epic strike towers puts it over 200K. Very easy to get more than 200K a week in coins if you put in the work.

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Coins are not the hard thing to get in this game, its the boosts and being able to keep up with new meta dinos

You’re still assuming that everyone is capable of getting out on a regular basis to max everything out.

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If you aren’t going out and maxing out supply drops. Then why are you complaining about coins. You are choosing not to go out and get the coins.

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I can’t do the 30/30/30 strike towers, no way. Good point. Who’s got time to hit that many supply drops?

Who’s got time to max out SD’s everyday?


I’m not assuming anything. Everyone plays the same game. Some people go out and max out coins from supply drops others don’t. I also don’t have the ability to play all day especially during the week when I work.

Perfect example tomorrow there is going to be a blizzard all day. I won’t be able to go out and spin to max out but I won’t complain I that should get extra coins. But I made sure to do all my epics tonight after work.

Let us get coins from raid incs. Done.
Rare boss incs: 500 coins
Epic boss incs: 1000 coins
Legendary boss incs: 2500 coins
Unique boss incs: 5000 coins
Apex boss incs: 15000 coins
Small raid incs: 100 coins