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We need more coins and perks for paying members!

Where do I start?
I’m literally so unmotivated right now. This has been my favorite game by far, but why are we paying so much for so little? I don’t live in the US so my currency is by Rand. $20 is almost R300 over here, which is a lot of money! I don’t mind spending cash but I feel like the prices are getting more expensive while the product is getting lesser. We need coins! Everyone knows this. Even paying players are struggling! This is a huge problem to me! I feel like I’d be nowhere if I don’t fork out so much money, which shouldn’t be that way. But it’s never enough? I’m still always behind, always loosing to cheaters, never enough money, getting crap in the incubators, bugs in the arena, progress is painfully slow. Sorry I’m ranting, I’m just so frustrated at this point. Anyone else feeling this way?

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Only benefit in my opinion of VIP is the extended battery and duration, If its so expensive in SA I wouldn’t even bother having it. On the coin part for me I have no dinosaurs to spend it on only getting 10’s on fusions the last couple of days.
I know how you feel the last 2 months I have progressed so much on dinosaurs, but not in the arena I still feel behind, but this is because players are progressing too fast with the huge events and of course st patrick’s day. It doens’t matter if you are a VIP or not it looks like everyone is progressing at the same speed.