We need more Fossils 😁

We have room for Three more, discord users, tournaments ready, rule following Fossil.

We are part of Ark and have access to 3 level 20 sanctuaries. We reach 8/8 rewards weekly and in tournament. We are happy to take couples or parent and child. But at least one has to have discord for planning raid or announcements that get shuffled in the chat.

If your interested use this link

Run Fossil Run is currently in need of two players. We are a casual alliance. We reach 8/8 each week and 8 in tournament. We also offer 3 level 20 Sanctuaries that you can benefit from. We are looking for players that can participate in the tournament and can play the game daily…


Contact Mrs.V#9798 on Discord

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JWA-RunFossilRun Join us here!

Hi! Everyone, We now have 4 spaces available…

  1. Player must be able to play in the tournament every week. By Saturday PM preferably.
  2. We have level 20 sanctuaries that you can FiP but not place. A team is already in place for that.
  3. Other sanctuaries can be made after we build the level 20.
  4. Join us in discord for raid planning.
    We’re a group of families and people of all ages…

Two more spots still available. We’re pretty chill but really insistent on doing takedowns in the tournament and PvP…

Does not sound like chill but I am happy with my own alliance

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I joined and I’m so happy thanks now I can unlock skoona

:joy: I guess we’re not that chill

We now have one available space. Level 13 or higher. We have a good mix of people of all ages. Join us!

Thanks for adding me to your alliance personally do you think I have been a help

No we’re very chill but a little strict

I think all active players are helpful. And when the rest of the team can help you, then It’s great!

Join our calm clan with great rewards. Requirements for our clan are important but easy too , Play in the tournament, finish your daily missions. we don’t mind what time you play as long as everyone does their part to contribute to alliance week rewards and tournaments than we should all get Great rewards. We normally get to tear eight in the tournament every month and we get weekly 8/9 or 8/8 rewards

Contact me if you are interested or join discord (JWA-RunFossilRun) and contact me (g10), Mrs.V or any officer for more info. (Only 3 spots left)

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We have room for one more

Fossil spots opened again

We’re in need of some dart loving players! we request that all players play the tournament weekly and play in the arena for their DBI. We have level 20 sanctuaries that are shared with other alliances and for that we ask everyone in the alliance to use them by taking advantage of the double dna received per FiP but not place Dinos because those spots are assigned within the CoOp. We normally reach 8/8 in the weekly rewards and for tournaments we reach tier 8 or 9 on a five week schedule.

Here we are again! If you’re a player that does takedowns and daily missions we want you! We have 4 spot open right now. Reach out to us!


  1. Don’t place in the Level 20 Sanctuaries
  2. Participate in the tournament
  3. Open daily battle incubators.
  4. Join us in Discord to get boss battles done faster using strategies.