We need more options against flocks on tourneys

Not asking for a nerf, but we seriously need more viable group move users to deal with these pests… Those of us who play the tournaments know that they dominate most of them now,

For meta, I think they’re alright… Unique Compys and Legendary Dodos are strong, but many top creatures can deal with them… But for Epic and Legendary tournaments, they are too strong and have few counters, especially now that resilient got changed… And even against those few counters, they can simply hit a few times, heal and swap out to come back later, when the supposed counter is gone… In fact, the best counters against them are… THEM!.. That is, if you can win in this absurd speedtie system…

To have an idea, Epic non-hybrid Compy is my MVP in this Legendary tourney team! Probably because I still don’t have the new tiny legendary lizards that are probably dominating the top, cause they seemed pretty strong too… Again, not asking for a direct nerf… Just give us some resilient group moves or something…


Yeah Coelohaast is pretty busted up top since the only reliable group damager is Tarkus. It also doesn’t help that at 140 speed it’s faster than almost everything, I’m really considering Dakotanops given its matchup against Coel

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I would say the carnotutus or however you spell it is pretty good.

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Replace Diplodocus’s decelerating Rampage with group decelerating impact. Then it has an option against flocks, but can no longer 2-shot 4500 hp dinos. Although with the new Resilient moves dealing vulnerability, that last point may not matter anymore…


2.9: “Let’s replace deceleration with vulnerability, that way resilients still do more damage against cunnings without gaining a speed advantage”
Cunning flock dinos: “Nice try, you’re still only taking down 1/3 of our health”

Seriously, Vulnerability is complete overkill for most cunnings (and only makes the resilient damage and swap-in problem even worse), but it does very little against the only cunnings that are consistently top tier right now and could actually use more counters.


The problem with Carnotarkus is that she can be distracted, so Compy can kinda dodge a lot of damage. Considering that Tarkus needs a buff, I’d say giving her distraction immunity would work wonders for the meta.


As I said, there are some good creatures against them out there, but not good enough to kill them. Compy is absurd with a move that deals impact damage while healing… They hit two or three times guaranteed, then swap out to something… Doesn’t even have to be a swap in damage user… any right placed “swap inner” like Scorpio or Thyla will do the job…

I’m laughing so hard giga xDDD


what about giving docus group decel rampage while reducing that crazy 1.5k damage none of docus’ cousins’ damage comes even close to. something around 1250 damage would fit perfectly imo.

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I kind of like it having 1500 cause then it can still 2-shot 3000 hp cunnings without needing to use the strong attack. Although with vulnerability now I suppose it might work. I’m of course not a huge fan of the vulnerability changes in the first place though.


well me neither, decel gang forever


I’m a little confused as to why Alert Scurry has no delay, considering that pretty much all other rampages with a second move aren’t allowed to be used on the first turn. I know it has a 3 turn cooldown, but it feels like it should be 1 turn delay, 2 turn cooldown.


I totally agree with this post.

And that is why I made this

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